do we need words?

-tuesday awakens-

woke up early just to see you
kissed that newly-shaven face and lips to feel close
ran my hands through the soft browns and held hands with content feels
wrapping me in your arms and carrying me to your room
these little moments make me yearn 

do words always count?
we don't speak much
but when we meet
it's ethereal

you teach me your language
i bring you sweets
we create bubbles
you leave me breathless

with your back facing me
but you'd still pull me close
not a cuddle but a back hug
very sneaky

we know we can't sleep with strangers in our beds
but that did not apply to us

the touch
the silent communication
do we need more words?

exchanging food photos
cooking for you
waiting on each other
that intensity rolls inside

your simplicity that fights my complexity
one word to explain my hundreds
you don't ask and i don't explain
when we do, we're at par with each other

and so the wait begins... with or without words in this twisted hours of our lives 

-have fun in red-

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