it was so normal, just like any other couple - this song by Matthew Koma sort of just inspired me last night's events -

you looked like Sundays with me
sleeping behind me with your arm curled around me
like a band you held me tight to your chest

my darling he was childishly adorable
our identity was mostly physical but more
every now and then his noise inside my head replays

he said I remember liking you even more when you match my crazy
I remember feeling happy when I am with you doing what we both like
I remember missing you for all the times we spent together that were never enough
i'm packing every memory we made in a suitcase

kissing me in the morning before leaving for work
leaving me in a state of grogginess
wishing you didn't have to go so soon
now i'm on cloud eight with a capital C for content and confused

- longing


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