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it was so normal, just like any other couple - this song by Matthew Koma sort of just inspired me last night's events -

you looked like Sundays with me
sleeping behind me with your arm curled around me
like a band you held me tight to your chest

my darling he was childishly adorable
our identity was mostly physical but more
every now and then his noise inside my head replays

he said I remember liking you even more when you match my crazy
I remember feeling happy when I am with you doing what we both like
I remember missing you for all the times we spent together that were never enough
i'm packing every memory we made in a suitcase

kissing me in the morning before leaving for work
leaving me in a state of grogginess
wishing you didn't have to go so soon
now i'm on cloud eight with a capital C for content and confused

- longing

tell me what to do

i got inspired by this new song  "Tell Me What To Do" from Shinee -

tell me what to do
things have changed from the beginning
tell me what to do
you look like you gave up on a lot
tell me what to do
when you call for me silently
tell me what to do

lovers without the strings
from win-win to the losing ends
we have not ended but it feels like it's over
tell me what to do

there is this line that can't be broken
in front of us

i thought of you everyday
in each different circumstance
i'm always there
when  you need me
i need you to tell me what to do

you don't say a word but you want me to know
you think about yourself all the time
the words you throw at me carelessly because you're already used to me
so tell me what to do

indifference to painful reality
emotions running wild between us
words that made me realize
i'm still a fool - because there is no us

i don't want to erase it
even if i can

i thought of you every time
thinking different ways to let …

something about you

that poem inspired by Tayler Buono's something about you

i got my head outside the window
my heart scattered on your heart
only one dream to go
don't let it out, let it out
but we're caught in between
the days where we can't win
and now we're chasing the speed
to get what we need, what we need

it's something about you
holding on your hand
it's never enough
just something about you
dancing in the dark
kissing in public
nobody else does it the way you do
the way that I feel when you hold me
not sure what I'm getting into

there's something about you
just something about you

so pick me up at twilight
you locked your lips with mine
driving us to the edge
we keep driving on, drivin' on
we love through the dark
somehow losing that spark
leaving space in between
but still feeling the same
like we belong, we belong

it's something about you
holding me tight in your arms
never letting me go
just something about you
it's never enough
touching me ev…