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another beautiful disaster

one word
one look
and they were hooked

hit the bass
their lips taste
and time they did not waste


the intensity that surrounds us
electrifying lust
created that blind trust

it was perfectly imperfect
no regrets
only facts

we matched
we are a set
that never bet

what a way to start
because when we're apart
it's as though we were in half

as we drift along
we were never alone
and that we have won

distance and time
we don't have to rhyme
because we are fine
and in a bind
- to each other.

so, mote it be.

-great calamities-

let me be

..and i shall continue the lyrical (Charlie Brennan's Let Me Be) journey that is somehow in-sync with my current condition

you broke me once and then twice i must be a fool to even believe you thrice don't take a breath because i already know what's coming like a glutton for punishment i still need to hear it my heart doesn't know what it wants with you but my mind can't stop thinking about you
why i loved you anyway when i read it but somehow i know that i need it how did it happen anyways when it took me mere hours to drop you from the face of earth so if this is our goodbye then i won't need time  to be by myself for a while cause my heart doesn't want you, maybe but please just let me be and don't find me
i'm still learning who i am but i could learn from someone else  who respects me and not sneer at my interests i will continue to be myself and i will never ask you to change or for anything so if this is our goodbye then i will not look back a…

please don't say you love me

it's not a poem, but my version of inspiration from the song...

summer fades, autumn comes
here we are, more similarities than differences
needing the pressure, needing the change
but, let's not give the game away yet

always an empty space with a photograph in place without a face
but with your presence and your craze
everything falls into place

just please don't say you love
because i can't say it back
doesn't mean my stomach won't feel butterflies when you look at me like that
don't worry if you could see where we are now
so please don't say you love me
because i can't say it back, maybe.

heavy words exchanged
too much pressure broke precious things
but how we feel is not unreal
so don't give the game away

as fools rushed in
and being one before
i have slowed down this time
thinking this could be more than what i'm looking for

so please don't say you love me
because i can't say it back yet
but don't give up on us
and let us co…