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ILYSB - i like you so bad

never felt this way in a long while -  butterflies and calmness meshed together

long story short - i met bliss lately
this song by LANY came into mind and started replaying after a long while
i won't say it's our song - but it's like an introductory one.
funny thing is, no matter how much he reads into me and how brief our acquaintance was
it's shotgun!

i'm supposed to be shouting and dancing in glee
but actually - it wasn't entirely all sunshine and rainbows
//you know those movies that would show you the whole transition about a man meeting a woman somewhere and then ended up together all in one day- be it a trauma or an uneventful setting but yes, the end result is feelings arise and the mutual understanding and feelings are result.//
that's exactly what transpired this little euphoria of mine for more than a week~ not to sound corny or cheesy to say week-sary but aye

being adventurous is one, but to be trusting of another? that's quite profound.