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self-titled. entitlement.

it wasn't like that - things weren't meant to be how they are now
why didn't they just stop when they know it'd hurt
what they said what they spread
they didn't know the harm they were giving others

what i wished i knew about life, love and pain
i have everything i could ever ask for
shelter, a job, friends and family
what more could i ask for?

as a human - as another species on this earth, in this "world" they called it -
seeing what others like to label as being grateful and appreciative of what was readily given -
so what now?
what's next?

here's the morbid self-talking:
my little "sad" life that i deemed not worthy to continue or continue living this existence to satisfy those around me?
words that left their mouths and how they felt if anyone decided to leave this "dimension" - 
so, if i decided to take my life away by my choice means i am being very selfish because of those around me would be sad and i am being ungrateful fo…