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is there somewhere..?

words, they mean so little and so much...
where it all begins
what you want us to be
why we are meant to meet
how can we sustain our needs

you brought me into your world
I showed you mine in words
you gave me your passion
I told you my complications

what you saw in me
I can only imagine;
what I want to be...
you are already chasing that dream

//first time I met your friends
first time I met your parents
first time I belonged to someone
first time I had no purpose//

we danced
we kissed
we laughed
we shared

all this moments never made me think they are the last
I don't think about the expiration date anymore
there is no what ifs or what's nexts
we do what we want to do
and now, we are here.

you and I.
I'm not sorry that I fell in love tonight.
you look like you fell in love tonight. we didn't mean to fall in love tonight.
we can't pretend that we're in love.

is there somewhere we can live in love?

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