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emotional phases - how someone can  play so much havoc in my life
phase 1 friends unto frequent texts unto "seen" but no response texts - move on
phase 2 moving on - same as phase 1 again - forget and move on again
phase 3 phase one came back - the aftermath of the decision to meet   - standstill or move on?
try and try and try again - it never seems to end you would think that different persons would be any different - but they are mostly the same, just different forms of situations but still the same phases.  I have so much to learn about you. (ditto) Young or old - it's not the age difference, it's our characters and personalities do you match me? do I match you? wait, why did you want to meet and be friends to be something more and then decided to --disconnect?
no texts, seen texts but no response - then when I text to meet, we do and those texting patterns annoyance disappear, because "the timing doesn't seem right to bring it up" and spoil the co…