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not, just not anything at all

not friends,
not lovers
we're just a blank piece of white paper

moving on
dots form
the search continued on
what are we
what we were

strangers, into friends
move on, into lovers
then distant
more space
no more us

time passes
no longer anything
still cracked
not healed

never found
just wandering
still hoping
no labels
just figures

how long til this ends?
we're not -
we're just not anything.

living in the comfort of our comfort zones we set
no pain or hurt exists
just indifference
no love
just senses

touch, taste, smell, see, listen
they mean so little to us
because we only want to believe what we choose to believe
nothing else matters

living in the present
no tomorrow, no ten years time, no fifty years time

seeing/meeting each other
they're not called dating
hanging out isn't called dating either
what is dating?
friends? lovers? companions? bedfellows? friends with benefits?
such a sensitive word.

is it to you? to me?

me, my definition.