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an end for a new start

you'd think that this month is about all fun and giggles
well, it's been another whirlwind for me.
went out on a limb and quit my job after getting a confirmation of one within 2 weeks of planned resignation.
it's a both a cheer and a jeer.
a cheer is because i finally fully considered my well-being and a jeer because i didn't manage to blend in like i set out to initially..

hey, i had fun and learnt lots..had a great opportunity to travel, well taken care of and great pay for a first job..but it all comes with a price.
i'd rather be alive than dead because of work.
don't get me wrong, i love my job. but the price of the job came with people who were out to bully, humiliate, verbally abuse, playing mind games, mentally torture, getting framed and forcing you to admit defeat.
there's no honour. one which i hate.
ego or pride. i do have self-respect and dignity before these twisted humans turned everything upside down.
closing the door to this chapter. but g…