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bittersweet summer of whirlwind Lou

it's time. to lose it all.
// the long agonizing hours of work life, left no space for any leisure types, social life became so precious time did not wait for any of us,
then you happened, listening to my distress at work it was only a pattern and I never gave it any thought
we acted on a whim and fell into the whirlwind not caring or knowing what's next whether there will be more texts
sharing secret looks meeting my oldest friends  holding hands and imitating books never making any plans
''music as our reprieve.. creating our own melodies.. forming bonds through stories.. accepting differences with open hearts''
never met someone like you  everything seemed new my illusions came to life and threw me in for a dive
you taught me to laugh more i learnt to smile when everything's bad you taught me to jump and fall i learnt to love my mess
"noses and kisses hugs and tugs snuggling and nuzzling affection and attraction" yep, a classified goner...