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august's anguish

just a blink and it's August already.
The last time I've said anything was in May.
Lots have happened since then.
Work became more hectic and demanding.
True colours started to surface.
The attempt to cover the or ignore that I was going to burn out soon started to surface two months later.
It got worse towards mid-July.
These frequent counselling that they call it seemed to be more intrusive, interrogative than motivating.
Now, it's the final leg of the probation.
It's either confirmed or not confirmed.
It's not the end for me, I know there are many other opportunities and places to go.
I will not take this as a failure either.
I'd say I've enjoyed myself despite the lack of work life balance and privacy as well as learning curve.
A massive one too.
I have also met people that are nice and helpful.
Whether it's my luck or not, I am grateful.

The next chapter would be...meeting other humans?
There were transitions too in my life, aside from work.
It is…