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beautiful disaster

inspired from the book by Jamie Mcguire.
the plot from the book is not the story of my life.
what everyone around has been saying.
what they see about me
what they used to know about me
what they were used to about me
the past and now the present, they are now skeptical about my future.
what is she going to do next?

seems cliche, like What Katy did, What Katy Did Next by Susan Coolidge.
as naive and pure as I was back then to many, it's the perception I gave.
the mistakes that I would love to call the past year until present.
or rather my life is turning into a beautiful disaster.
how did I just turned into someone else?
I just never had the chance to fully embrace the wild side of myself.
The life I had back then was because of the environment and people I had around me.
the good girl, the one that doesn't want to cross any or raise a few eyebrows.
Moments of madness or bold crass moves I'd make to get others' attention that'd make it sound as though I'm cravi…


the title befits the current situation at hand..
(inspired by Jason Walker's Echo)

not all about the loneliness. but rather the voices that seem to answer each other and never end. my echo. my voice. my shadow. I've been in a different land for more than a month. seen. heard. voiced. shadowed.
all of it. does it feel worthwhile? I'm not allowing myself to feel. but I want to.
take a leap. at the end of tomorrow.  I will know where everything lies. the future of tomorrow.
"He's all I've ever wanted." this doesn't seem to work anymore. "She's a player." seems more appropriate at the moment.
how true are these statements in regards to her life? I have yet to witness all. half of it perhaps. those one-meets with these first dates just aren't doing her justice.
she said, "Not even one has piqued her interest, they're just looks." the wits, the thoughts, the genuineness, they cease to exist in this realm.
somehow, the echo kee…