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see you again

nope, it's not the song.
but it's what I'd love to say it when I really am going to see you again.

sounds similar to the lyrics of the song.
I just need to get this off, why say those words when you don't mean them?
Why'd you have to lie?
I could keep lying to myself, convincing myself that I'm fine.
That there was never anything lingering after you left, I was hurt.

time, people, work, these don't seem to cure.
I found a job that makes me work til I drop everyday, yet you're still on my mind.
I make new friends, go out on dates, and you're still there ..
Too imprinted.

I guess I can't avoid finding people most similar to you.
because I'd continue to search until there's one who's better than you were before.
Make me laugh,
Make me smile everyday when I wake up
Treat me like I'm the only one that can make you feel like you make me feel:loved

I'll tread these waters carefully and continue to find the one that can be my par…