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good girl, bad girl in disguise

they don't know what they don't see
that line, I see you
no, not from the film, Avatar
really, just those 3 words, I see you.
Do you really?
Takes someone or a few someones to really know you.
Are you the good girl people perceive from the outside?
or the bad girl that you portray when you're out partying?
No, you can be both.
In fact, I know many who are like that.
Girls/Women get judged for how they dress or carry themselves.
I have been one of them before, judging others by how they look
No, not that the saying. don't judge a book by its cover is always correct.
But, that the way they behave that made me judge them.
Boy, I've never been so wrong before after getting to know her/them a lot better.
Sure, I have had my share of judgments.
None have been good. I don't give out good first impressions ;)

Take a look at the picture above, what do you think?
3 girls partying out all night. not once, not twice, but every week.
Are they bad girls?
they don't hit on…