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another new year again~ movin' on people

I can now summarize that last year had been a real fun, interesting, exhilarating, experiential, fruitful and full of memorable events.
New friends, new experiences, new jobs, new assignments etc.
Juggling with social life, student life and working life had been a swell ride.
What more can I say about this year?
This year is all about new job experiences, perseverance and carpe diem.
Maybe dating, maybe not.
Still sticking to the same ol' motto: no regrets.
Had my fair share of dating jerkwads last year.

I fear for this year. Or not.
The change is palpable.
I like where I am now. The circle of people around me who supports and challenges decisions or behaviors.
Helping me move on from last year.
Keeping me away from the past.

Most recent:the absence of a significant hole in my life.
No explanations or response whatsoever left me in a sick pit of demise: flu and cough.
Dramatic, yes. But so true, it's been 3 weeks of non stop coughing, Ugh.

Unattached? Yep.
I did say I want to…

intuition and/ in sync?

few months ago, Z came after me
he asked me why I couldn't or didn't reciprocate his gestures or feelings
I couldn't leave him hanging, it just wasn't in me to not give him some closure
what I did?
talked some sense and gave him the true scenario that he will face in the long run if he kept persisting
could I say I was glad that I gave him the closure he needed from me one last time?
it took some convincing and logic to get him to understand where I was coming from

sure, it wasn't easy laying out all the cards
I have been in his shoes, the whole one-sided like/crush, and being rejected.
all too familiar.
that's why I couldn't turn him away.
not to mention, he was the first one who persisted in coming after me.
brave. or just plain persistent.
yet, I couldn't be unfair to him by being with him when my heart is not in it, not even my body.
nor can I allow myself to wander when I want to.

the following month,
I met the one who seemed to be the correction …