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christmas ~

I never thought I'd be spending my Christmas with someone I just met
Never expected our time to be so enjoyable and lovely as well as surprising
~the restaurant I've always wanted to try or the jazz music bar that I've planned to go
or the fact that the Christmas present I got for him was perfect!

He's all smiley when he saw his high school mates on Christmas
Even when they asked him about his change of hat, since he's always in a cap ;) (go Lou!)
My best memories for this year came from this gentleman
Can I say that I've never had anyone who opened every door for me or is not afraid of PDA?
Like he said, there's always a first for everything.

Meeting his high school mates had been riveting too
Friendly, funny, cheerful and happy humans..
Easy to get along with..including their spouses or partners.
Seems too good to be true to be sitting on his lap with his arms around me while chatting with his chums..

Or even carrying me on his shoulders in the water so…

officially a real date!

I know I have been on plenty of dates this year.
But so far, none of them had come up to par to the one I had yesterday.
I had zero expectations or you could say I was excited for the very first time!
Perhaps because I realized that I might not be 'enough' for the other party.
Oh well, I decided to just jump in as usual.

And what a ride it was!
Lunch or brunch first then turned into strolling to the next destination, which is not the mall.
*relieved* (yes, I simply loathe malls, unless it's raining)
The last thing I expected us to do was to go for drinks in the middle of the day.
But then again, unconventional human, meet another unconventional buddy.
Let's just say, it was an educational beverage date and at the same time, they say that when you drink,
you start talking more.
More about yourself, your life. etc.

Now, this is a date.
No talks on work, negative views or any other hum-drum topics.
Sure, they were all surface, but we learnt more about each other.
In fact…