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have you heard of her?

In the midst of mess and nearly no time for myself..
Trying to find some tranquil in this 'madness'..
I discovered Julia Michaels in Spotify.
At first, I was hooked to Surrender by Cash Cash (feat. Julia Michaels), but I think it was her
vocals that caught my attention.
I looked her up and found Pancake from her Futuristic EP.
Now I'm really hooked to that song.
Problem is, no lyrics available??
How odd.
Not really a big deal.
Yet I still wanna type it out.. may have some mistakes :/

Julia Michaels - Pancake Lyrics (Futuristic EP)

I wish you were a pancake
So I could eat you up
I wish you were like candy
So bright and sweet

But you're like an animal
That's really needy
You're like an obstacle
That's too damn easy

But I'm in love
In love with you ~
There's nothing I wouldn't do
Nothing that I wouldn't do
For you
In love ~
In love with you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
Nothing I wouldn't do
For you

La di da~ la di da da da da

dating experience

The title of this post says it all.
Before I get into detail of my dating experience, I'd like to say this first.
It is nothing fancy, nothing different from those books that I read, not the fireworks they bragged about.
I ought to tell you a little about myself first.
I am not a romantic.
I don't trust easily.
I'm always in major denial.
A huge pessimist.
Used to disappointments.
Anything negative has always been my best friend.
The reason that I'm like this, well, my past explains why I am like this.
Not that I am going to elaborate here.
So, I decided to try dating this year. At 23.
With zero dating experience, which also means that I had no boyfriends before.
Well, here it is.

#1 No expectations
I started off with zero expectations from any of the guys. Makes things so much easier for me and for them. Especially when I discovered that I was not ready to commit. Or they were only looking/dating for fun.

#2 No second dates
Maybe it's me or I just couldn't stom…