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strangers, see it through

I only have songs to describe this month.
it's been on loop for more than a week.  can't describe these feelings. only through this song.  it's fading. but it's still there. 

Seven Lions, Myon & Shane 54 - Strangers feat. Tove Lo
Nothing more than strangers Passing by out on the street Memories are fading though It's only been a week All the little things are gone The things we used to be Nobody could take us down There was only you and me
And without you I can't be You're the universe to me You're the air in my lungs You're the fields where I run You're the sky where I'm floating
It's you You You It's you, woah
Don't want to be a stranger Want to be the one you need I can be your world, your life Your lover, all for free All the little things come back The things we used to be Nobody can take us down there It's only you and me
the aftermath on loop it's not that easy. nev…

... still the same

tumble, rumble, crumble~

that's the feeling that I've been getting all week..
I'm here.

what's done is done.
but I still want that closure.

will I get it?

ponder, wonder, shudder~

it's high time that I just let it go.
I can't seem to.
but I should.
I just can't afford such distractions now.

the books that I've been reading,
it's the same thing.
'time does not heal. it numbs. you don't forget. you can't let go. it's still there'

I see so many types of relationships in front of me in this foreign place.
can I belong here?

I want to.

It's not just them, it's the sense of belonging.
but then again, I'm close to being a chameleon.
Blending in has never been a problem.

talk to me, sing to me, ignore me.
I want to see you one last time.

just to say, hello/goodbye.
--------my wish.

- dreaming -