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little knots

Little knots

~Verse 1
i like the way you smile
ones that make me go weak
keeping me tied in knots
and now i'm all messed up

i like the way you talk
when you're telling me your plans
making me want you more
but now i'm all tied up

wish i knew that you would leave me somehow
wish i didn't fall so hard
so hard

these little knots are so tight
i wish you didn't have to be so real
these little knots are so small
i wish you didn't have such small eyes

to see that i'm standing here
waiting for you
to see that i've always been here
waiting for you
how i hate these little knots

~Verse 2
i like the way you kiss me
ones that make me feel everywhere
i like the way you hold me
making me feel safe

i like the way your eyes sparkle
when you talk about the things you love
making me want to keep you
tying me tighter in these little knots

i wished i knew that you wouldn't stay
wished that you didn't lead me on
me on

these little knots are so t…

a little ray of sunshine over the pouring rain

unexpected, that's what it was.
there was no pun intended.
not just you nor me.
the whole situation just seemed choreographed.

she told me, you're like a damsel in distress between the two newly acquainted gentlemen.
yet, it was obvious where the chemistry was.
of course, if I were to choose.
the latter would be the best choice.
and I chose him.

the most spontaneous thing I ever did so far.
yes, it was dangerous. all kinds of danger that could happen.
somehow I had an inkling that I was safe.

a car full of strangers.
a place full of unknown possibilities.
a man full of mystery.
another time, I'd have played safe and stayed home.

follow my gut?
I played it my way.
by being myself.
for the first time, there was no facade.

to be desired.
to feel wanted and beautiful.
to have such confidence.

I had another unforgettable weekend of my life.
the last time I'd have said this would be 2 and a half months ago.
This has been the little ray of sunshine over the endless pouring r…