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Throwback: the fun just started...

No thoughts. It's just the excitement that everyone had when we were about to start the fun.
She knew where to go. We knew how to follow. It's so easy. Because we're not fussy.
The memorable moments were cemented. It made everyone's day as to what happened. Ever thankful and grateful for that. Lovely weather despite in black.

Even now, when all is over
The rush is still present
But I just want to savor
Them memorable moments

-until then-


how do you define whether what you do is probable?
What is meant to be?
What you make it to be?
Do you believe that you can control fate?
Some do, some do not.

It's a little unsettling for the way things have been running lately..
Yes, most would have said that, it's how you let things run.
Maybe the "I should haves or shouldn't haves'" syndrome is regret speaking.
It seems more like "CAUTION" before proceeding to me.

Sure, meeting and chatting is fine.
But the latter is not.
Talk about saying 'no'.
Guess it wasn't sound enough.

- to Z
Indirectly rejecting and half-hearted promising is the way to go.
No, relationships do not build on a couple of meet-ups.
Or hook-ups.
No matter how deep the chemistry is.
At least, not to me.

Right now, it's all about taking the lead.
But I do not possess that flair.
- the courage for that.
Not the time, I presume.
Or, not the one.

Breaking all the 'rules' in my book.
Definitely does not feel …

Blouse online- A little mix and match for a perfect look

Ah, the current trends of fashion. Will they ever be constant? Right NOW? One of them is ‘em beautiful, chic and adorably lovely blouses. Countless brands offering various styles for work, dinner events or ladies’ day/night out. Oh, the fun of picking, mixing and matching the designs and patterns that just fits a pretty lady’s personality! BUT, be very certain of your selection and pairing, else you’d get caught by blatant stares and awkward frowns, or worse, the fashion police!
So, how do we do this? Simple~ just follow these simple tips to flaunt a fashionable and an eye-catching presence.
1.ACCESSORIES~ These little ornaments or trinkets have a way or two of brightening and accessorizing your outfit. Ladies can be brave in using bold statement type of accessories to match with the blouse. All you need to do is NOT put on bold colour accessories on a plain one-colour tone design.
Picture this: ~ a white blouse matched with a bold rainbow coloured statement necklace ~ an abstract top with a simp…

insights on last weekend

Things change.
Just a spell, and I fell.
For the first time, there's a glitch in my normalcy.
The usual absence of connection did not apply to the situation.

No, there were no rules.
The reason that comes with have always been the same.
Never ever sink into the abyss of passion.
Hence, the facade exterior.

Now, I understand the other meaning of 'opening my eyes'.
Logic doesn't do me justice.
Instead, the feelings did it for me.
Yet, the ounce of  my self-control is being tested.

Then, I realized.
They did it for me.
It's another chance for me to look again.
That such revelation can exist for me.

I never lost sight of that silver lining after all.
It's always been there, barely faint.
They looked at it differently.
One of them is to begin again.

Funny how the mind works.
To say that I was hooked before.
This just simply did it for me.
I was completely schooled.

Ever grateful for the unexpected and welcomed circumstances.
It's definitely the understatem…

living in the moment

So, did he grab that ass, or did he slap that ass?

And that was how it all started.
..which I got told off for even stating that fact out loud while I was still sober ;) *cheeky*
Sure, you wouldn't go looking from bottom to top most of the time.
It was the hair that made me look from top to bottom.
And I was a total goner.
Nah, of course that wasn't it.
It more of an attraction. Which was most probably not returned.
Hell, was I wrong.
Wrong signals, unintended invitation.
Swoop of a kiss and I tumbled.
How serious can it get in a second?
And who knew we'd be caught in flagrante delicto...

Was it the thrill?
No. In the dark and unknown, I gave the security blanket in exchange for the torchlight.
Sure, in our time of disappearance, we were 'missed'
Our appearance made the Speculation News.
Tell-tale signs were obvious.
Despite that, there wasn't a sign of possessiveness.
Rejoiced at the sudden attention we were receiving.
Or not.

Maybe it was the influence of alcoh…