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faux pas

left me high and dry
giving me all lies
now i'm a mess
while you're off at your best
i hoped too much
even if we never touched
i'm not broken
you're not forgiven
now you've found her
i wish for the better
and i will get that
you jerkwad.

-keep wishing-

lyrical months

just like her,
i wanna be lighter
just like her,
i wanna be brighter
just like her,
i wanna be a glider
just like her,
i don't want to be bitter
just like her,
i just want to be higher
just like her,
i'm gonna be a fighter

in April, I was deflected.
in May, I purged.
through it all.. I still managed to be who I want to be.
the words said, nothing can be trusted.
I was right.
A mistake made, not once but twice.
Lesson learnt? Not again.
Acceptance is next.
Never regrets.
Relationships grew.
But, never got attached.
My new motto next to no regrets: No attachments.
I'm getting better at it till I start to question myself mentally and physically.
Yet, I still shove along.
Life's about to take on a whole new level this year.
Challenging my abilities and capabilities to the max.

-best of 110%-