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crazy hazy Mars

Hey, it's the end of March.
I wasn't wrong in saying it's a crazy month.
From meeting new people to the only beach wedding I've ever attended to the end of my internship and now..the start of my final year's first semester.
It has been the most illuminating, exciting, adventurous, spontaneous month I have ever had in my life so far.
Guess my life's really rolling..since I've mentioned in last December.
What can I say?
It doesn't stop there.
New motto for this year henceforth: Never, ever, ever give up and NO regrets.
I'm going along with the whole living in the moment and going along with everything that comes along.

Of course I went to the beach again. ;)
I can never get enough of the beach.

In Cliff's note version for this month, I met a few new people that I quite fancy.
Yes, a few. I guess fat Lou's really giving it all out.
Even though the truth is that I'm only really into one.
Anyways, I had the best internship ever - being a tea…

hey, it's february

reality? nothing much..
virtually? a lot.. met all sorts of people in both worlds in 2 months.. nice, lovely, awkward, fun, helpful, cheerful, pervy and slow-witted.. but hey, it's February.. still waiting and searching (; i'm hopeful..and they told me to be more optimistic.. ------trying hard here :3 and it's going well so far.. i'm seeing more things and thinking a whole lot more.. growing up a lot more now.. work's getting more challenging and i'm getting more and more tired.. and attempting to be more healthy at the same time.. sleep healthy..exercise..'s been nearly 7 years since I last swam..I finally took up swimming :D things are gradually looking up from every aspect.. not the pace I'd want..but it's bearable :) can't wait to see the others soon!! famiglia, amica..