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it's a new year

lots have happened in the past year..
this is the first time i'd say that there were no regrets for the past year.. it was the most memorable, unforgettable and best year of my life so far meeting new people, making new friends..learning more things..self-learning a lot more things.. i'm happy with my new found achievements..

but for this new beginning of 2014..supposedly the horse year.. my year.. doesn't feel better than the last.. probably had the worst start of a new year.. miserable..confused..lost...unguided..paranoid... can't seem to get my head around what i'm supposed to do.. and i don't feel good about it.. just wanting to get this year over with.. i wanna start and re-start this year...with a better that shite.. having new resolutions.. yes, resolutions..
the top of my list is to score all the finals and graduate.. then the clubs and societies..get myself as involved as possible.. as for the rest.. nothing else matters..  and t…