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Best Days - Fat Louie @ lulu0luey

i was walking down the road
minding my business
when i saw him standing there
i froze for a minute
(what was he doing here? didn't he leave town a year ago to pursue that dream of his)
i tried to make myself invisible by walking back to where i came from,
unfortunately, he must have seen me
(damn my purple shirt and wild hair)
he called me and i had to stop and turn around

‎*Best Days*

walking down this street
listening to the steps beat
i found myself in front of your door
and saw you sitting on the floor
and i wondered

would you let me in again
before it starts to rain?
would you make me cry
and tell me not to try

# i remember waking up with you
everyday was so brand new
the feelings we had never went away
they were the best days
the best days

we would walk hand in hand
and brand our names in the sand
see our future with the rising sun
and never let each other run
they were the best days
the best days of our lives #

why did we fall
when we had it all
did you think we didn't last forever
before we…

Never Enough - Fat Louie @ lulu0luey

got shunned again..f*d today..
so messed up with all these signals..
just leave me alone and don't show me these affections
it's so confusing.
i really am an epic failure..
it's often.. "it's not you, it's me.."
this line is getting old..
this song is inspired by today's events..

Never Enough
if you say you're not the one
then why did we end up here
if I say we're meant to be
then why're we still not together
you're one of a kind that i've met in a lifetime and you're meant to be mine
that it feels like a love crime

and they say  when you fall away leaving the remnants of a broken heart
## can you tell me,  why does the sun set in the west will we ever be, the only ones unlike the rest being in love staying together and not forever never enough ##
you're one of a kind not mine in this lifetime not meant to be mine a love that i can't find
and they say when you lose it all there is no other way all you see is the white wall
## can you tell me,  why doe…