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feeling the blues in the middle of September

hey, i thought it was over
but i was wrong
when i saw that smile
the eyes that make me my insides go crazy every time you smile
the way you look at me
i wish i knew how to get over this again
i was fine for so long
i had been
maybe it's this crazy weather that turns hot and cold
or maybe it's the people i've been meeting and hanging out with
i feel like it's never going away..
i suppose it's a good thing that we'll be separating soon..
or i'd never move on..?
i don't know..
Jase said that i need to be patient... again.
but then again..i have been..
and i'm still waiting..
so's Eer... she's lucky that she has someone :3

right now,
i'm more worried about my lack of enthusiasm in everything that i'm doing..
not getting into the studying mood..
not getting involved in the activities mood..
doodling away..floozy..
getting stuck in the past..
trying to find my way out..
there's no one that i can toss my nonsensical paranoia worrie…