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beautiful you

no, don't embrace the suck yes, remember the beauty you want to give it all up? i thought of you today somehow the things we did, where we went, what we saw and shared together.. they seem to pop up now and then, and i'd mention your which happened a lot recently, since i've been catching up with a few people.. i do mean a few :3 unlike the previous year..
the beauty of our story that's what i've been told. to write one. about us. wonder who would read..? x))
now that you do not occupy my every thought.. not that it has for a long while, or since then.. i'm thinking that i will miss everything.. i just know that things are going to change the minute you leave.
for now, i will savor every moment we spend together, until it's time to part.. these precious moments..the beautiful you, inside and out.. all our crazy moments..which has been getting crazier lately.. x)) there's not going to be waiting for each other, but it's all about the bea…