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towards the end of july

they always tell me friends come and go..
but so far, i have only wondered about one, for this year..
i wonder about him, whom i've met briefly and spent the shortest time with, this year..
what's going on lately..what happened..
but they told me being spontaneous and adventurous once is already enough..
yet, i still wonder..and told not to wonder..
curiousity is biting at me..

recently, i've been seeing the people that i want to see and not broadcast about my return..
call me selfish, but for the first time ever, i want time to myself..
i've changed, he said. for the better...or worse?
seeing old friends again, walking down memory lane and pondering about the future..
laid back town..ever the same.

# find me
those fishes are swimming around
looking for something that can't be found
i wonder about them all the time
but he never gave me a dime
for a thought
for a lot
i didn't think it would be over
just like that drawer
pulling me in, pulling me out
i never did…