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i can't seem to talk to any of you anymore
it's not you it's me.
i've changed..
is there a way out of this?
what am i craving for? (he asked)
i can't tell the truth to his face.
but i know he got the gist of it..
he didn't question..
but was quite frustrated with my usual endless ramblings..
i wish i knew..
aimless. confused.
i think i'm going through a phase that i can't even explain..
i don't want to talk to anyone anymore..
only him.
i'm being selfish?
right's all so mediocre..
i'm looking for something..
someone i've never met.
someone i hope to meet soon.
someone to change my mindset.
someone to understand my madness.
....where are you?

-forgive me-

LAWSON showcase+autograph session in Malaysia

fan message :3 end of performance autograph session
great show and fantastic performance from the British lads!
it was more than I expected! 10 songs!  starting with Everywhere You Go, Gone, Taking Over Me, Waterfall, Make It Happen, Learn To Love Again, When She Was Mine and ended with Standing In The Dark.. with 2 covers of Moves Like Jagger and Don't You Worry Child.. all the fans sang along to all of the songs performed! it was madness! even Andy couldn't hear himself properly and commented on the crowd's volume! I was lucky enough to be on the upstairs and had a great view of the stage :D :D not as crazy as the crowd, since I was there for the live music and singing more than the looks of the musicians.. IMPRESSIVE! MAGNIFICENT! ABSOLUTELY SMOKIN'! had a greaaaaaaaat blassttt! this will be the first and last time I'll be seeing Lawson.. once in a lifetime experience ever :) :)
-happy dance-