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STOKED: LAWSON Malaysia showcase passes

I am soooooooo excited~!!
Just got my hands on the album and pass~! :D :D
Totally can't wait for the 2 weeks to arrive~!
Lawson's coming to Malaysia on the 13th April, Stage Club, Avenue K, K.L. at 7pm!
I could scream, yell, shout..but I'm doing none of those....
instead I'm playing their songs and listening to their live concerts in UK through youtube..
patiently waiting to listen to them LIVE in front of me!
so stoked!
for Lawson's first time in Malaysia!

-twitchin' stokin'-


going out of my mind
i can't seem to sleep after drinking
it's already the 3rd time..
is there a way to cure this, apart from avoiding it completely?
i can't even seem to get those errant thoughts out of my mind about last night's events..
and right now..i'm so hot and bothered with everything around me.
need to stop.
need to sleep.
need to finish.
this is a bittersweet torture to my mind and body..
i am not sure where to go from here..


Mine To Lose and Fall Again

i wasn't planning on falling in love
hell, i never thought it would be possible
given the time and space between us
how could you even look at me like that after all i've done
and yet, it doesn't seem possible even after you told me
no, i just didn't want to believe it.
just like the in the past, the denial eating at me.
how did you get past it? i wish i knew.
those times when we were talking about life and everything, i couldn't be happier when you suggested that we take things to the next level.
but now that we're there, i just can't seem to shake off that all this is just too good to be true.
i know, the pessimist in me is never far away.
if only i could be as care-free as you, and live life to the fullest everyday with a purpose.
i never even knew i could meet someone like you.
those books i've read, were fictional.
to be able to experience all of this in real life, it's just like a dream.
i hope it'll last.
i hope we'll still b…

from books to reality

wasn't it suppose to be how they stories go in the book?
yes, they say it's only fiction. but then again, how fictional can it be? at some point, it is also reality..
so, to read is to meet? well..that's what happened to me last weekend.. they told me that I was lucky.. that nothing happened.. that he was a gentleman..still is. but then again, I was never one to come between a dude who is attached.. which is why nothing happened.. it wasn't even a close call..not near it.. why is he a gentleman?  simple. everything and anything that he wants to do, he'd ask first. if I was to consent to it, and both of us are fine with it. it's a positive outcome.. (: i took a chance in experiencing the unknown..
ever the one to follow the rules of the book, i just decided to throw all of it away for one night.
did I regret anything?
no, I did not.
In fact, it was one of the top best nights of my life.

-floating on cloud 9-