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pretty things

there are so many pretty things in life that you walk by them without realizing it.. like today, a man walking with his daughter, taking his time explaining about why she shouldn't let go of his hand when they are walking together across the road.. like yesterday, a salesgirl was trying to help a customer to choose the perfect combination of flowers for the customer's granddaughter's birthday party.. like the day before, a couple arguing at the roadside, trying to make each other see sense and laughing at each other's remarks after that.. you can't slip pass these daily things in life.. they are the pretty things that happen every day, every hour, every minute, every second.. why do you want the latest model of a smartphone? why do  you want to taste the tastiest food in the world? why do you want to travel to the prettiest place on earth? why do you want to find the best location to live for the rest of your life? why..why.....why....... the endless reasons to the…


this has been the mood I'm in for nearly all week.. wouldn't even call it PMS.. woke up feeling worse than yesterday. it's not even depression, is it? even my melodies stray towards the depression keys.. I'm even back to pondering about my life and its purpose.. how can one's emotions turn around so much in days or rather seconds? a slow tormenting bitter emotion is eating me alive.. how do I snap out of it? even though I've been sick for nearly a week, yet I can't feel better after that.. tired bitter moody simply depressed the above are the responses I'd give to questions of "how've you been and how are yous"..

-sullen, black void-