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my guy ;)

what's different this time?
a new guy in my life?
i guess you can say that it is easier with him than anyone else..
mostly because i don't have to hold myself back when i'm with him.
it's easier because we're both 'bout the same when it comes to closure.
there's no need to worry that you hit each other in the wrong spot and over think 'bout what he or she will think.
it's quite plain that we both respect our proximity.
and let me tell you, it's a vast relief!
walking arm in arm or teasing each other with affectionate glances..
talking about likes and dislikes, not to mention frankness!
he's just honest..lay it all out there..just what i like..*relieved*
there's just no hidden motives, nothing for you to guess.
it's all out there.
plain to see and hear.
true, religion may be an issue, but guess what?
what others see and what is the truth won't hurt 'em, right?
so long as we know where we stand :)
oh yeah..
before yo…