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..still my all-time quote....

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride too...
how is it that life just changed from good to bad and improved..then now it's worse..
i don't know how to monitor these strange feelings..
like a child..still unknown to these foreigns..
today, it's fine..tomorrow, it's not...
instead, now it's fine..the next second or's worse...
just like them birds when they fly..
just like them birds when they're shot..

giving me face
when i lack space
not in this heart
forever apart
needs and desires
how to burn out this fire
this heartbreak
shook me awake
once again
the confusion, the doubts, the expectations have gone faint
one word, numb.

i lost him,
i lost myself.
now, i have nothing.
these were the my darkest moments..
she said it was not easy, no, it never was.
but now? distractions arrived.
my saviour.



if wishes were horses, beggars would ride too..but it's over. best thing that could ever happen when things went bad.. ever a friend, never a fiend.. i don't regret those greatest achievement so far... (:

Meers, ma beb.. empathic and sentimental not. music to my distress and depress..more or less..a constant friend for this semester..not only my ride to uni x)

did i mention Farfar? she's a dearie with a lot of good humour and funny little habits..yes, one of my many assignments groupmate..

Fa? the one person who appears whenever I think of him..  strange.. x) things are getting interesting lately..for the better or for the worse..i dunno..but it's been refreshing..

always full of smiles and jokes.. ^^  never a dull moment
ahh..yess...UNICORNS!~ dear deaer B.. granma-vintage/cute.. may be slow at times..but always a solid rock and a listening ear with lots of verbal diarrhea :D

lots of thanks for these pips for making things smoother for this semester.. espe…

a little something with a bit of more

i'm actually a little late in posting this..
oh well.. x) it's a birthday pressie from him..
i have to say though..i mayn't have mentioned 'bout wanting a toiletry bag..but it's been nagging at the back of me head everytime i have to pack for home or anywhere else..instead..i get a 3-in-1..
a make-up/toiletry bag with a mirror..hahaha..just the perfect useful gift! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">i'm thinking that we do seem to have some inner sense in each other's inner most "desires"..
best mates, or what? ;)

it's been a hectic month..
what with all the tests and assignment deadlines..even now, i've been procrastinating ALL day..something i haven't done since the semester started..and i'm feeling really guilty now..
not having done much work..

i've even performed in the public for the first time..!!
juggling with assignments and tests, club meetings and competition challenges~
it's definitely a un…