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FINALLY found what i've been looking for for SOOO LONNNG.. my vintage music ornaments bracelet <3 p="p">

a lil' something something for him

Jon called..serenaded.. Juan texted.. best birthday surprises i could ever ask for.... thank you so much for remembering.. even though we've not been keeping in touch a lot... touched.. :)  just when the day could get any worse..nicest unexpected surprises.. -------------------------------------------
it's been 10 days since i last updated.. there's been a lot of happenings.. mainly revolves around him.. let's just say that i've gotten most of it off my chest and it felt really good.. i dunno what's gonna happen next.. all i know is that whatever happens..we're still constant with each other.. that's the way it should be..until one of us tire of another.. which undoubtedly won't be me.. since i'm sort of attached to he perceived.. there goes the bell when i know it's abou…

breath of fresh air

it's like a breath of fresh air
after being blind for so long in that glare

i'm gonna start with the happy sunshine story of last night~
last night was dope!
dancing in public for the first time
drinking liquor for the first time
getting wasted for the first time
danced with a dude for the first time
friggin' awesome experience of a lifetime

but the aftermath was not what i had planned but had sort of expected..
telling me that i'm supposed to be responsible drunk when i'm drunk..
sigh..long story was my choice..hence, my fault.

this blight of peace
changed the feast
from hot to cold
making me see past the door
that sudden gust of wind
created a scene
i see it
and it was fate
that made the decision for me
let me be
let me be
let me be
it said to me over and over again
i will never see it as i faint
but i woke just as a breath of fresh air
awaken me without despair
but with hope and full of love instead
i embraced it all in my head

- eyes wide open -

learning to walk and then run (:

seeing things in a different light realizing that they are not all black and white finding out more about the various perceptions from others that there are happily ever afters nostalgia and the present .. there will never another haven .. like this.. 
she's worried that i'd fall in too deep again and take a long time to recuperate.. but it didn' was easier back then, to let go.. but this time's different.. she told me how i was like back then..i didn't see myself back then i am now.. to think that she's been around since the beginning.. seeing how it all started and how it's all going on now.. even Nol knows about it..apparently she told him.. when i asked would he ever do something like this to her..  he said he'd never be that cruel to keep one in suspense.. that explains it =.= well.. she and Nol's acting as though as they've been comfortably dating for years, instead of less than a's astonishing to see them so stable..too…

dare you dare me

made a bet with myself today
and i totally nailed it.. hahahahahaahahaa.. have i mentioned that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week because it's always been a lucky day or a good day? because it IS.. everything gooooodsss happen...MOST OF THE TIME.. so, today's like no other Wedss.. made more new fwenss..awesome pips! what d'you say to new dance buddies including roadside pips, oh, and a lil' China chinese?  oh, and in the process of 'em all.. Bea's "in disbelief" expression was the most priceless of all the minute i said, "i wanna get to know that dude" and got right up and walked straight to him.  totally priceless! ^^;; daaayyaamm was all she could say and totally Western approach.. number included.   x) simply awesome~! not to mention that my intuition strike again.. totally BINGO~ACE~SCOREEEE!~ ye, man..i'm totally hyped todaii.. all dressed like a basketball player, with those ol' shoes of mine bringing that swagger on&#…

flowers bloomed at the end of this gloomy Sunday~

how can just one presence have such a profound effect on me?
i can't describe this emotion or feeling or response..
somehow, in some way..with just a respond and a physical appearance can light up my day after all the stress and mess of this week..not that everything's over..but..
i can't stop smiling inside when i look at you..
it's like when i found my muse and can't stop playing to the tune..
listening to you talk..about anything at all..
just brings me to another place where it's now my other cheery happy place..
even if it's just a brief time..
it's enough to sustain me for some time...i hope :))

- skip-a-skippy-skipping

just a word, just a sound, just. - a fool

i need it like i need air for sustenance
a helpless and hopeless fool in a mess
they say not to suffer
but a fool like no other suffering.
from what?
everything around..
when u're a are.
they say to stop spoiling the rug
and keep giving way to the kid
but a fool like is a fool..just keeps continuing..
no matter what..
like a person starving for any sign of free gold
like a person that jumps at any sign of calling
a fool it is..
sometimes it isn't so bad..
sometimes when it is...the fool will never be mad, but wonders if the wrong was ever the fool's to begin with..
"You're a fool."

//when Simmi decided to anticipate Jorge's reactions
she knew without a doubt that one of them will have to leave first..
confidence level of their connection is gradually fading..
she told him to just move forth and leave her behind.
just another fall of hope.
in short of love.//

i learn you like i learn the piano.
by playing by ear whenever a…