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friends in Jules

i didn't want to leave you alone, seeing you staring into space like that.. i couldn't. i just can't bring myself to do that... the loneliness etched across your face.. i decided to ask you to join me and us...
the first time. // she told me that  she has never met someone like me. they told me the same. i appreciate all the compliments. and forgive me for not responding to them. i'm still learning to say thank you without being sarcastic or sounding like a cynic. Beth told Lynn..  " i've always had them around me, but like Connie, she forgets the old when she meets the new, as i do.. but you, you've always been's been what, 6 years? how could you not feel tired of me, or burdened by me, having to tolerate my temperaments and chauffeuring me here and there?"  Lynn was silent for the first time as she contemplated the question.. "i dunno, it's just that ---"
"yes, i know.. a rare gem like you does not exist in 10s in t…

dreaming again

trying to get ahold of that was so vivid. they told me that if you kept wishing for it.. it will happen eventually. it did. it was such a sweet revelation that i rejoice in it.. right, i've spent the day with a constant headache.. then replayed the events on the day before.. the phone calls going back and forth. sharing life stories and keeping up with each other.. as far as i can tell, mine's been the most eventful one.. for the rest, it's either job hunting again or still in the midst of exams or a jealous boyfriend.. i'm thinking of it. the "it" that made things so confusing and unclear.. thinking too much can be dangerous.. not in the sense of health...but what could happen.. that's why i dream. most dreams i've had of us were silent ones. ones that no one speaks but the last ones that i had, which were ages ago.. u spoke.. and it was so that dream.. it was you who spoke..not I.. but in reality, i did..and not you. but it fina…

i was lost? ..found

a sunny hot afternoon..after a short nap and a sudden wake-up call from Tom.. we decided to take a different route to our destination~ Station 18 Aeon or rather, Tom suggested a faster route...and i thought we were lost ._. honestly..(huffs) we weren't .. -.- i was driving..yes, i am, as usual.. took a few stunts on the road, like snapping pictures while driving..  yep, picture one and two are the scenes~~~

picture threee..yes, the car dangerously swerved to the opposite side of the road which freaked everyone out..that's the MY reaction and the rests'.. no, it wasn't that bad..or was it?

picture four...says we're sane,no.. I AM sane and still in control ;)

and yes, we are at our record time, to my utter disappointment =.=

it was a long day. and as usual..with Tom and Mab.. the endless banter and bicker and nonsense everyone can come up with.. hehhh..
not refreshing, but enjoyable. 'cept with more flavour this time,since Tom decided …


it does means a lot, doesn't it?
listening to Rachel Platten's Remark..
been my inspiration song for weeks..3, to be exact..
i send this song out to those who feel like i do, at times ^-^

##Everybody's trying to mend a broken heart. 
Buy a little bit of love and try to start. 
Sew your secrets up with cotton and string. 
Teach yourself little recipes and things to say. 

I'm not like that, It's not like that. 
I don't hurt like they do. 
But oh you like that. Yes you like that. 
Yes you need somebody too.

We find it hard to be alone. 
Like every one else that we know. 
We get our heads hurt in the dark. 
We need some beautiful remarks.##

credits: LyricsFreak © 2012

it's a loose chain that made me see rain
everyday i look at him and wonder in vain
but the future holds dim of what i want
which makes me feel dumb
..suppose i was more forward
..suppose i have no words
..suppose i was more considerate
..suppose there was no fate
..suppose life was unfair
..suppose i take the dare

new look~day~pips

staring at the blank wall woke up from the fall down came the spider on me finger day's begun telling me to run or i'll be late for everyone and they won't get what they want when i don't even know plenty as they are funny i got to know in the end and P's his name and T's her name and O's her name and i'm their fan Twis and Dus in their foods we all had fun on a short day-out~
-funky tonky honk-