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feeling beautiful~ just for a day..

a white dress on a bright Saturday afternoon walking towards him counting the days till everything's over
i never knew, never knew that i could be this beautiful that i could love someone, by loving myself first to feel this way.. to feel like it was the day...
a beginning to an end to have and to hold to live and fall in love all over again through hard times..
love, life, live. my sanctuary~
-in bliss-

numbers & time~

it's been a long day stuck on the same way wonder if I really tried hard enough whether you'd have rebuff
now that i'm in depth i know i should have left and I confess that it was all a phase nothing but a pretty face
I'm walking on the line words that you needed and I was blind I'm walking to you where the place was once new numbers and time  it was never mine
----click, tock---

post-mental syndrome

toss toss toss,
walked the cat into the forest,
swing it back an forth with the rose you gave me
talking to the wall and cursing the rain in glee
trying to make sense with everyone
ended up gloating all over the place for fun
then Bethram walked in with his stick
and hit Grams on the face by mistake
poor bloke peed in his pants
bright red on the cheeks in fear ran
finally, it was time to cut the cake and scram
oh and i forgot that it Bibbs' birthday and not mine
so much for being the sacrificial lamb
never mind that now, Stef's here. that means this nonsense has to end....