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dreaming as time passes by

gambled with everything i had and they're all slowly fading away
makes me wonder whether anything and everything that was open at first was ever real
took every chance i had and turned it all into something i thought would work
guess things were never as easy as they looked
i'd hoped that i was wrong
since i've always been a pessimist half my life
it's no wonder that when anything unfortunate happens i'm immune..
or so i thought that i was..

the tree sways in tune to the wind's song
as i walked on
i missed the days with him
when the sun used to beam
down at us
the heat of it
reminding me that none will last
when it sets and i lay down on the grass
alone it is as usual
i wished for him again
but remembered that i have never dreamt of our future thinking it lame
he told me to forget everything
i never thought him callous once and i blinked
we lost what we had
and i never looked back
until now--


an experience that is a first and the last time i shall never forget

it was a deadline.
time was supposed to run as you will it.
but it was not my friend that day.
and things went wrong.
but i was not alone.
he told me to not give up.
"you have to continue.
i will not sleep till it is finished."
i was skeptic.
but my faith told me to believe him.
so i did.
he did not fail me.
we finished together.
and in the end, words of those that were in the past were swept away.
i believed in results.
and he delivered them.
no matter how tight the schedule was, no matter how much more he still has to complete..
he still asked me whether i needed any help.
amazing brain...i wasn't wrong in calling him a genius X))
that is what i believe true teamwork is.
i felt that there isn't anyone yet that has his strong faith.
which makes me ponder now.
how many times has he done this before?
.....probably countless X))
awake we stayed for 30 hours..
2% of plagarism is enough to convince me of our language skills.
i will not doubt him in future.
i can say tha…

music, peers and studies~

jumble tumble grumble
which one is it?
all of the above..
a jumble of everyone and everything
tumbled into a sea of jelly beans
that made me grumble everyday
but i found my muse even in this mess
took me a short period of time to adapt
and that made the perfect beauty of all time
--- the music
i found him, he found me..
was it a coincidence?
no, it was fate.
it's been a while to start seeing real people around me..
i've been a drifter for so long..
it's been an interesting ride down the peers lane..
fast friends, mutual friends and even.....
i like, i love and i loathe at the same time..
i tried to concentrate so hard that i ended up dozing off in the end and got caught like the deer in headlights..
tell me, how did u manage it?
oblivious to all except the thoughts in my head..
gotta get through it, gotta get pass it, gotta get it..
the mantra going on and on till i passed out..
woke up to the sea of eyes boring into me as though i'm a lab rat..
decided to take a hike…