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the beauty and the tragedy of you

the sun rose with me the night slept with me i found myself again taking my dreams away and putting them back i found you
never thought i'd fall again in this same old place with this same old song dropping hints all over save your breath, for your heart has spoken
for i am no longer in that space my last goodbye to you talk what you want, leave me so here we are again knowing it'll never end and i let go letting go all the memories of the beauty and tragedy of you and I
my passion, my fears take it all away and put them back i will never be the same again taking everything for granted giving all my heart out to you for i know now that it was all a farce i've got to walk away while there's still hope
in its time, love will be mine for i have found that love will kill and save me dreams that made me and torn away from me o selfish you and I fill me with hope beyond and left me alone in this beauty and tragedy ...of love


got shot down again..

how many times have I tried to pluck up the courage to prepare myself the things i want to know..when I want to know then, I nearly got cold feet.. but ..each time when I think I could do it, I got shot down..... again. I wish I knew which is the best move to approach....and receive... how many times.. sigh.. and I even think that Plato's going to wonder whether I'm for real or not.. gahhhhh...I seriously am awful at this sort of thing.. ...shot down...... not a pleasant feeling at all.. I'm the world's biggest IDIOT ever... why can't I ever be infatuated with someone more.......speechless. I never I? or is it just the circle I'm in is too small.. if I don't move, I'm scared of being stuck.. if I move, I'm scared of being left.. ..I'm a bloody wimp.......
should I just ............

-be more apathetic?-
Trading Yesterday - Shattered
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Why my heart is so broken, (and holdi…

i won't dance..daisy

what do I need to do, I really don't knowhow do I tell you, I really don't know teach me, how do I get into you, for I really don't know
so, I won't dance not to this rhythm of a trance leading me astray from you tell me something new I want to know more more of you in this war a war of endless doubts and confusion
I won't dance won't even give it a chance or to let you go even for a second I'll always want you in this band don't let me doubt or even give me an out I don't want to think of anything but us somewhere without a past
so, I won't dance not without your music and not without you.
What should I do, you already know.

parting ways....

haven't you heardi'm stuck on a girl she's going away she's not coming back she doesn't know doesn't know how much i'll always miss her
it's always the same just when she came the wonder when she'll leave then time flies and the visit is brief kicking away the grief and we're left with love and memories...
how can i not miss her? what does one do when u miss someone till it hurts? how can i not love her? when u just can't help it but put all in a word how can i let go? it's when i know what we have has always been there.
there's no one like her.. a friend, a sister, an angel with a beautiful smile and generous heart..... my boo.. ich
i bid you adieu for now, and greetings in many years to come...
-together, always-

this hot weather..

sunny days in bloombut the hot weather is at roam taking the heat in throwing the cool out it's breaking up the peace cold, cold air coming in..
just when i walk out the door there it starts the rain came pelting down granting wishes and giving hopes i saw, i saw the light in it all in this hot weather..
dropping all senses and dreaming endlessly it's the first time i had a dream of him together, discussing the future dispense me of the curiousity sensing all this is just a dream it didn't disappoint like it did when i woke
just when i thought it was impossible things started looking up but i realized it was still the dream wish it true, wish it false the water will still only when all is out i'm calm for now in this hot weather..
-oven heat-

just wait..

to sirrah..
working, working around the wordslooking and looking for the right ones maps, taps and caps.. they don't love u like i love you..
wait, if you don't want to, oooh, just wait.. it's telling you to hold on and wait.. ooh, just don't let go..
run, run all over the place strumming your guitar as you walk along jingle, jingling the coins in my pocket friends, bands and stands.. they don't love u like i love..
wait, if they don't love u like i love u, oooh, just wait.. it's telling you to stop and wait.. oooh, just wait they don't love u like i love u.. just wait
i'm waiting for a call i'm waiting for a chance i'm waiting for love i'm waiting for u
ooh, just wait.. hold on and wait they don't love u like i love u i'm gonna wait here not going to leave just gonna wait they don't love u like i love u..
-maps- 'inspired by maps from The Fray'

dawdling and walking around in circles~

does it ever pass?hmm.. the endless wander.. i saw this and i saw that.. is it real though? i'm doubting. hey, the weather was hopping today.. but i wasn't. not that looks are everything, but sometimes they're the main reason why the world's upside down. are u in a daze? no, i'm in a swing. why are the stairs upside down? i saw, but they're actually not. how do you explain this feeling of dissatisfaction.. yes, it's all about the words. how true? i don't know. are u listening? i'm not. are u there? i'm not. will u ever be there? i'm not. can u hear me?
i'm not.
the question or the answer. which do u prefer? the truth. but there are lies behind the truth too. how can it be truth?
ponder ponder.. it's aimless and endless. i'm not. i'll wait. again and again. when will i ever drop this annoying habit? STOP.
i'm not. no. waiting. no more. again?. waiting.

a drive..

mmmm...feeling a lil' rhyming again.. X))

in a car laughing so loud cities streamed past as time flies fast reaching our destination our hearts in anticipation drinking in the scenes in front of us looking and nothing is what is was new things to behold everything is in place in this world full of joy and fascination..

-eyes wide open- `inspired by today's events`

a fool's dream

it's like Tom and Jerry.A minute they're fouls, the next, friends.. Loathe this feeling, being a worrisome wart. She said this, I said that, he said those. but WHOSE? it's isn't anyone's right or wrong. it's about who you'll hurt in the end. wishing and hoping for something that will never happen is ALWAYS THERE. so, i took the liberty of taking up the task myself. no, it's not a failure. but there were still words that rang back from the past. who said Louey never cared about what she said might eventually hurt others because of the truth in it? a friggin' sensitive person. so much so that she just refused to continue on the tirade and rather take the burden herself. how long she's been blaming herself for whoever's wrong it is is taking a toll on herself. no matter how much fault it is of others, she still think it's her. it's been programmed since young. it can be his or her fault, but in the end, the blame still upon herself. she simply LOATHEs …

twist of fate

it's not meant to's meant to be. it's already done. happened. can't turn back. i'm appalled and astounded. find me a screwdriver and lock me up.
this is probably the worse beginning of new year for me. totally unexpected events. ---_____---|||
-peace, peace, peace to the entire universe-