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i heart question mark

it's not a song but a word.couldn't seem to get my head around these days. it's just so full of question marks and what ifs'.. and the what ifs'? most of it happened and didn't bode well with me.. bugger that.. had the BEST Christmas ever.. :) New Year wasn't much of a celebrative event for me.. since i was sick... now that it's the beginning for everything.. i'd say crack on.. X)
it's never as it seems for me.. the things in front, the things behind the surface.. one would wonder what is real and what isn't.. how to find out which is a truth and a fake.. unfortunately.. that would bring me back to the topic. i heart question mark. it's never a hateful thing. it's a never-ending puzzling issue that will always be there...
it's the joy of it. the sheer terror of it. anything. what would you like to know? what would you not like to know? it's the risk. the courage. the confidence to want to know.
HAPPY 2012~~!!


did you know that when you say i'm happy, it's actually an understatement of a lot things?for me, right now. it's the happiness of company. the company of my dearest friends around me. i feel really contented. it's been a while. especially now that it's the time of Christmas. :) i feel happy that Mei is back. i feel happy i got to spend some time with Jan.. i feel happy that i got to watch a movie with Porpy.. ..Sherlock Holmes was a total success to me. loved it. i feel happy that even though the day was shitty for Tae, he shared it all with me. i feel happy that everything went so well today..a what's about to happen tomorrow, i hope it'll be the same as today. a laid back and easy going flow~ it's so nice to know that after all this time i still have a connection with all those around me.. i like this Christmas. ^^ i give thanks to God and everyone around me for making this day so beautiful and wonderful to me.
this is the first time in a long time that i've fe…

~it's the christmas season..

i often did wonder how it'd feel like to be one of the doves fly in pairs and chirp happily as if there's no worry in the world.. the process of it.. the agony of it.. as far as everything goes.. i've only experienced the doom.. it's not an emotional passage.. but a passage about wonder.. what it's like? how it's like? the curiousity is endless.. but the negativity over one's self is rather pronounced.. imagine that.. just imagine for once... but i can't? my one christmas wish for this year is that everything falls into place and stays that way.. i've learnt that whatever joy comes in now is ever short-lived.. things have been taken away after they're given. it's a cycle. which is why..i'd rather this short-lived joy will pass quickly and leave me back in the corner. so i can view everything and not be in it. it's rather disconcerting to feel insecure and paranoid over everything.. all the time. hence, the callous and pessimist attitude.. hey, …

as it is.

it all started from the lack of rest and sleep. day ONE. late to work. feeling really grumpy and grouchy. P day's TWO. late to work. received a gentle reminder from lady boss. starting to get sick. day THREE. had fever and still headed in to work. day FOUR. better and still went for karaoke session. day FIVE. slightly better after a nap.
it's actually great.. i like the connection i have now with everyone.. it's so.. tranquil. i never felt this good for a while.. it's like suddenly, old friends decided to connect again.. Mae decided to do a lil' catching up in fb regarding the past, present and future..whether we'd ever get to meet up or not.. then there's Mc Chong giving a heads up early in the week for a gathering at her house - a simple dinner.. i wonder what Aaron has concocted this time.. yum~ and who will turn up.. :)
not to mention the old strings are attached again. i hope it's stronger this time and clearer and not vague any more. it's definitely…

starbucks sensation

it's the new 'IT' place..from the usual local coffee to this.. hmmmm.. not to mention another new hang out location.. X)) i've been dragging Porpy there weekly..not literally.. it's this to Old Town..or Coffee Bean. i'd prefer the food in Coffee Bean any time over Starbucks though.. *-* there's just something about that place..that brings out a lot of interacting.. the communication is better there.. must be the ambience?.. i see all sorts of customers there week after week.. they can be there for a cuppa, to read, to study, to chat, to catch up, to wait on someone, to meet..etc..

the animated conversations swirling all over the homey environment.. and the customers way of ordering for their drinks and food.. must be the holiday season..

feel the Christmas air around you??.. yeaaah..i do. in. Starbucks.

-- ;)
(compliments to deviantart contributors, none credit taken)

loaquacious? moi? ;)

was it so bad? ha.. not at of the fastest learner i've yet to teach.. :) that's Porpy over there.. X)
anyways... talk about.. yapping.. yep, happily yapping.. had 2 complimentary starbucks drinks.. totally made my day.. plus the fact that i didn't have to work all day for the first time this month.. i'm not sayin that i don't enjoy working but i just wanna have a FREE day in a month.. and i spent it productively with Porrrrpy.. :)
by teaching her how to play her eerie creepy "dead silence" theme song.. friggin' hair raising tune.. not to mention the movie.. .___. yeah..totally NOT a big fan of HORROR movies..etc..
it's refreshing. to say that the constant aggravation that i've been going through.. and the endless castigating.. ugh.. was only for one day.. for everything returned normal.. yes, the instant irritation and condescending behaviour is rather transparent on the reaction of my mom.. i don't blame her.. sigh.. i mean.. i…