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gently..gently..the sides and all the bites.. where oh where.. how.. no, it's not like that..
oh, it's all so light.. i see him taking her hand.. slowly strolling into the sunset. so calm..bittersweet..
the same shade.. no matter how many there are.. changes aren't demanded to be made.. they just make do.. flow.. follow the flow.. it's all in the mind.
why didn't you warn me? it wasn't the signs or the warnings. but staying away is even worse.. things aren't as they seem on the surface.. it was all i could do to stay afloat..
oh, the bittersweet pain..
-quotes from the mind-

talk about recents...

it's november..yes, well..not much has happened apart from's been quite a slow stretch lately.. i have been subjected by myself to only spend several hours of freedom in one day. which is Friday.. other than that, i'm dead beat. or maybe just lazy when it comes to Sats and Suns' evenings.. since Mei and Jan Jan's back.. so, it was still Friday. yeup. ONLY Friday.. lunch, movie, home. celebrated Tan's b'day with Eddy together.. it was a rather comfy meet-up. having not seen him for months or has it been a year? hmmm.. and i had a random call from Klev, yeah..really random... anyways, we went for a movie on a certain Weds night..and bumped into Eddy with Jill after the movie... rather small world.. i have to say tho, i had a really nice time out with Jin and Klev back then. dang..i actually had the chance to sit in my dream car..Jin fetched me (with Klev's misguided directions)..hilarious. ahh.yes..a Ford Escape.. *-*.. it mayn't be new but still..…

the inspiration

can it ever leave me?i doubt it. easily inspired? no, not really. standards are just too high. i'm thinking. yes, i'm actually thinking.
it says, to be inspired, one must be truly deeply intrigued and at the same time awed as well as attracted to the inspiration.
load of bull, yeah. at the moment. it's real enough for me.
i'm often in need to find my muse. and i'm not that lucky most of the time. the muse. ever wandering off on its own. it still hasn't return. which is irritating and annoying as hell now. i need it. i really really really NEED it.
-bite me-

can i?

can't think.
just can't function.
it's all so overwhelming.
it couldn't get any worse, can it?
there's just no air in here.
losing it.

for someone who hasn't experienced any of it before. it seems so real like it's happening to me. where is it? i can't find it. just let it go. can i? there isn't anyone around here. just forget it. can i? all there's left is just a husk of a woman.. there's no heart.
how was i before? how am i now? how will i be later?
just try. can i? no, will i?
the darkness of it all just sums up making a wall harder to break.. find..just find..... me.
-ever in circles- *current song: Try by Nelly Furtando*