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21st barfdaii :)

my first 21st b'day cake ^^ from Jan..

a korean dinner with family~

2nd 21st b'day cake.. from boss

a surprise.. from Mei..

a card.. from Tine :)
mm.. it's a rather nice 21st birthday split up into so many celebrations.. but i was waiting for a call.. wrong timing.. every year i get one.. not this time tho.. never mind.. at least it's a good one. :) spent the 1st one with Yan in Krabi.. a lil' something for myself.. then, with Vince in Barbeque Plaze.. another one, i decided to call out Jan and Mab as an all girls, but Mab invited there. on the same day, at night, with Porpy.. the next day, was dinner with my folks.. and the day itself was the busiest for me. an 8.30 to 5 job, with an hour slot in between at the Kindergarten then after that it's office work at the music center..had to dash off to get the cake from boss in town.. bought pizzas..and celebrated with the parents and kids at the center.. had a nice last surprise from Mei, who came back on the day itself on …

work, work, work

that's all i'm about when i came back from Krabi..i actually made my future plans all in a day. something snapped. and i decided to work it all out.. i'm going to study. i need cash.. i need to survive. yeah, so, that's what i did. ponder, ponder, ponder. found out all i wanted and made my decision. then came the current work issue. seeing that my current jobs weren't quite giving me much to save.. i decided to drop the lowest income and take a plunge into a new one. so, i've taken up a full time job as a teacher (again).. which means i'm working 12 hours plus a day. it's teaching all day long, and office work next. until i go for studies, it'll be job hunting over there again. i hope i can concentrate though.. >.< it's like, 4 jobs now. 3 part time and 1 full time.. mmmmm.. madness... tiring.

it's all sun and beaches~

it's october..and also the last month of summer and beginning of autumn.... my last chance at the beach for the year... yes, i love beaches... hence, the penang-krabi trips.. and it was an early pressie for myself to spend my b'day in Krabi.. the planning was agitating and irritating but in the end, it was all worth it. i didn't expect much but i received more than that. that's the best feeling of all.. it mayn't have been the perfect hotel, but it was the perfect getaway for me and Yan.. absolutely perfect. nothing went wrong. it was just like that time with Jiun.. i never realised it, but after researching and booking and finalising everything on my own, with everything planned and turned out perfectly, i really learnt a lot. it's a trip for two. true. but i bossed quite a lot, mainly because i already know what we're supposed to do, what we're to expect, where to go, where to eat..etc. i'm glad that Yan had a great time despite the mishap at the end of the tri…