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whirlwind at the end of May (delayed)

what's worth mentioning this entire week?
it's not boredom. it's not a total disaster..
but it's been like a whirlwind ..
what with Tine's 21st birthday, Mei's back, Tan's get-together and renewing IDs plus the workload at work..
it's altogether tiring.. and the toll of it made me started getting signs of sickness.. ._.
throat hurting like hell.. then the nose..then cough..the usual. -.-
yeah, so, i'm sick. again. pfffffft. about Tine's b'day?..
i sure did enjoy it a whole lot more even though it was just me, Tan and Tine.
it may be short but it was more memorable and simple. just what we liked.
right, it's also cuz i had to work in the early evening.
that was fine with Tine, we went to DaORe for lunch and she celebrated with her family at night.
i made her a birthday card with our friendship photos' in it.. with our messages to her..
i don't know what made me think of that idea..somehow..i wanted to make her something wort… ticked again..

bummer.. feeling dazy today..
and Martin and Klev was cheesed off at me..
for not answering me phone and texts.. aikss..
i'm kinda confused though..
Klev's like kinda uptight lately.. hmmm..
wonder what's eating at him..

-clonked out-

and here we go again.. ~l'amour

ahhh.. the old flare is back again.. continuing where we left off last year.. *-*
see that smile.. oooooh..
too bad the personality is just tooooooooooooo quiet..
tu me manques..

- mon chéri-

travel and Kindle obsession..

ahhh..managed to clean up all the mess in my room..
and the delivery arrived! absolutely .........not satisfactory.
gahh.. what'd i expect? 50/50.. guess that's what i'd get..
anyways.. me aunts came back today..
had dinner together..and talked 'bout where to go..etc..
yeah, with 'em it's mostly, travel-food-er.. dunno..
thing is, the next stop for 'em will be New Zealand..
as for me pops, it'll be China for us and followed by Bangkok and lastly, Tokyo..
me, i wanna go back to Seoul, only thing is, this time will have to be with friends. =P
whatever..i need to work me arse off.. for $$..
me mam actually talked me into getting the amazon kindle ereader since she knows that i'm always reading in my lappie.. says it's not good for me eyesight..
ah..yeah. the 3rd generation kindle is smaller, thinner and lighter than the one before..
considering that fact that it's an ereader, it's really like a book, in the sense that, there're next/previous butto…

dream dream dream~~

i had a series of weird dreams last night..
lol..i'm seriously wondering.. how is it that i never even THINK of this person and yet he appears.. @.@
yeah, it was 'bout Bear who came back and wanted to go out and seemed to know what and where it is that he wanted (that's a first!), so i took him there.. it was some kind of ice cream.. no idea..
awfully random.. i mean, we sat there "chatting" (dunno whot) for like 2 hrs? and i went in to the kitchens to remind once in that "2 hrs" but to no avail.. till i realised that the whole place was deserted.. even Bear was gone..
next.. it was C.New Year?! ok... i mean..i actually dreamt of my deceased aunt who passed last year.. and it was the "angpau time"..and me 2nd aunt gave me one with words written from her and aunt Irene(as always).. but i was staring at me aunt Lana.. then i realised..(i woke up)..LOGIC: she's already gone, of course, she can't give me one.
..this is kinda bizarre.. &g…

goin crazy..shooop..

danng.. i think i've finally reached the point of no return.
porpy said i changed..
cuz i suddenly decided to be a shopaholic..
just not one yet..

by the end of 2011 wishlist-

1. New specs. MUST HAVE.
2. Ts. MUST HAVE/want.
3. Study desk.MUST HAVE.
3. Contact Lens. want.
4. 1TB hard disk.want. (hoping to get by birthday) *-*
5. Wave 1/ 8500. want.(hoping to get by birthday) *-*

sigh.. i think i'll put 1 & 3 first.
and back to saving mode. dum dum da dum.. ''-"
what i meant.. by hoping to get..yeah, it'll be from myself.. not parents..
bummer.. since i started working as a kid.. yeup.. no more please, may i have this etc.
no wait, scratch that.. i never ask for anything.. just kept scrounging whatever i have get what i want..
i hate owing people..most of all.. my own parents...
so, ahhh.. gotta make this work by end of 2011.. X))

-wanna wanna wanna wanna WAAANT-

very ----- days

home made: stuffed chicken and cheese on toast with onion soup

heylo.. how was everyone's Mother's Day?
honestly? i totally forgot about it..
but i remembered to wish me Mam when i saw her.. odd. X)
oh well.. the usual squabble between pops and momma caused no Momma's Day celebration..
not even a take-out dinner..
'twas a real bummer, alright..
so, mam decided on stuffed chicken and onion soup..
yeuup. i simply MUST have the onion soup.. have a craving for it..
lots of onions were bought.. ^-^
loved the dinner.. absolutely spiffing!
as for today..
i tried my hand at making an unbroken omelette again..
after how many times i've failed to fold it.. yeah, i gave up this time..
so..i decided to make one like how i make pancakes..
flip it over instead of folding it..
i didn't take a picture of it..too hungry and the phone was upstairs. X)
i had a my first "english" class today..
yeah.. with the "".. cuz it turned out to be more of a after-school-h/w…

not a dull life indeed.. think that life will be liven down when everyone's gone back..
i was dead wrong.
no wait. i didn't even spend much time with other pips 'sides Jiun, Tine, Hashz and Tae for the past few months.
so, Mab's around. Carmenpatra. Cit cit's occasional weekend visits. Tiki. then it's Mei's and Ruth's temp visit..
now? Li's coming back. a meet-up with Ken, Krys and Tiki is called for by Ken.
we're also nearing June now, aren't we?
Jan and Nettie'll be back.. so's Bear.
hmmm.. what'll be different this time? X))
i'm anticipating what'll happened next. apart from getting lost last year.. ;)
minus today's off-mood..
killed two birds with a stone.. lol.. watched Thor and Fast and Furious 5..
yep.. with..... myself. didn't feel like asking anyone.
enjoyed it though. best part was that there was no groping from strangers.. phew.
anyways.. i'm taking myself back to the school days where i used to read What Katy Did etc... miss thos…

suffering from sleeping and eating disorders

it's more like the discipline that i omitted from my life now.
and i'm suffering from the consequences..>.<
i haven't a balanced diet and proper sleeping hours.
ok, define proper sleeping hours? 6-8 hrs or 8-10 hrs?
well, i haven't either.
i mean, it's like, i've only been to bed at wee early morning hours instead of 12am latest..
>.<.. and it's seriously taking a toll on me head and body..
leaded and heavy.
and since i'm sleeping so late and getting up late or early..
i haven't had proper proportioned diet for the rest of the day..
it's like.. skipped breakfast or lunch or dinner.. just 2 meals a day..
had a nice ol' nag from Jac and ma over the liver issue..
yeah.. need to rest the body and not kill my liver.. .___.
plus, the exercise issue.. bummer..
so, all in one. i'm like a walking daylight zombie.
i'm amazed i managed to function to work. pffft.
not to mention that i wasn't sluggish as hell when i'm at work..
so, what's…

music mode

Latest Spins~
1. Emily Browning - Asleep, Where Is My Mind
2. Tyler Ward - Falling
3. Rascal Flatts - These Days
4. Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside the Lines
5. Shin Jae - 눈물이 난다 (I'm In Tears/Tears Are Falling)

haven't started on the Italian, Spanish and German yet.. ;)

New Korean Spins~
1. Miss A - Love Alone
2. Untouchable - You You
3. Jasmin - Spring
4. Blue Lara (Indie)

there's just too much wannados and too little progress..
words and words and words..
how 'bout actually doin 'em? .____.
oh, and Dewy's back in my life again.
guess it's 'bout time he got round to

-crazed eyes-

oddly mondy's everyone's Monday?
i didn't sleep till 7 this morning..
i'm not exactly sleep deprived..
i was just.. toooooo interested in finishing two books..
and somehow, time passed...
so, i didn't turn up for Klev's BBQ on Sat..and yeah, bound to get bugged on it on the next day..
just couldn't move me butt from the house till night..
went out to have a pre-Mom's day celebration with ol' Jacques and lil' bro sans pops.
honestly, if i hadn't discovered J's new novel that she brought back and fibbed that she hadn't..
i don't think i would have been obsessed with this novel and the sequel..
yeah, there's a movie too. danng.
and it's gonna be released in..say, 10 days time? bummer. and definitely not gonna be aired HERE..
a real buzz-killer..
anyways.. i slept at 7 this morning..and Klev's text woke me up 4 hrs later, including a missed call from Ken..
i hadn't expected any of this on a Monday morning.. thought i was gonna…