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a lil' different..

i can't believe i actually did that.
ok, that was so not cool.
but still..sigh..
Klev invited me to his BBQ and i said i'd go and i didn't.
reason? lazy. aicks.
it's a first.
i'm a tad lazy. tired. sleepy.
and not in the social vibe for mingling.
william and kate's more interesting on the tv.
and Jacques back. discussing geomacy with ma. -____-

-dropped dead-

totally spent.

it's not so much of a comeback..
but it's close.
it's not entirely full.
but it's half.
so, it's still a 50/50.

right, i've initially planned to have lunch only with Eev and Mei, but Rutherford asked me out at a last resort.
so, might as well have them all together. ;)
we had a fine time in BOWL, food's quite alright.
tho Eev wasn't really that happy with her seafood rice noodles..
went hunting for materials in Jj and picked up Slurpies on the way back to Mei's.
and in the end, i spent most of the day with Ruth.
well, with Ruth around, you don't exactly get bored.
not with all the catching up and up beat humours up her sleeve.
secrets and tell-tales? not much, it's all about the comings and passings.
ah well, i'm dang glad that Ruth turned up, i'd never known when i'd be able to get a hold of her..
always the steadfast and balanced one, yeah.. more so than Ames, but that's a completely different case.. i was never that close to…

steaming. effing off-balance.

woke up. did this and that.
but still have the mild headache since Sun.
anyways.. today felt really off for me.
the teaching was kinda off.. half-hearted.
working was like.. way off-balance..
Mei came back. went over for a bowl of dessert since her mam requested.
felt like those Sun's noon lunches.
yeup yeup.. besties since high school..
last night though, was out with Jell..
filled her in with the latest happenings..
her last remark over the whole thing was, you don't need anyone, you have me, that is enough.
HAHAHAHA.. adorable as usual.
but then again, she's the closest i have next to Jacques, and also our b'dais are only a day apart.
it's a nice feeling, a sense of closeness and protectiveness from those who really understands.
unlike some who are ever in the midst of their own world.
things that never crossed my mind about certain things like sensibility and more logic comes spilling out from them.
makes me remember that i'm not always alone.
even …

hard to decide.

i've been cooped up in the house and center for a week.
like seriously, haven't been out. 'sides that spontaneous trip.
and it's gonna be the same for this week.
oh yeah, i met up with some acquaintances of Tine's from Amway..
i was surprised to get a phone call from Bei Ning this afternoon to meet up today..
hmm.. the mind starts to wander.. definitely a new strategy or plan or whatever Amway's came up with to entice pips like me.
i wasn't really far off the mark when we met up.
Ivan was there, of course. probably acting as back up, just in case i didn't turn up. HAHA..
i did consider that.
but being stood up. not a good idea.
started out as casual conversations.
i knew if i brought that topic up, they're bound to pounce.
oh well.
it's actually really good.
the concept.
i'm just. swayed.
came back to consult with mam.
hrmm.. it's pretty much the same conclusions that i had.
the determination. and how much i really want it.
and of course.
there's the …

a day trip to Penang

Image this position..wanted to snap da island while driving.. oh hell.. that's the best i did.. XP

yeayea..i took this while driving..XP

yo, a on the bridge.

aye, t'was either Limitless or Source Code..but we were late, so Source Code it is.. and a darned good show t'was too.. =D favourite Miso Ramen..

V lookin' at the at the road..

read the book from start to finish during the journey back..

yeah, i used to say that, last year, that i'd love to drive to Penang.
...if i have a map. my head. X)) anyways..this time, it's like, consequences be damned. just went for it. yep, with Vince. i gotta say's really a whole lot more fun than i'd expected. it's probably because we've never had much problem with pretty much nothing?.. hahahaha.. we had only one motive. that's to get out of home and be somewhere and doing something. yeah, drive to Penang-to eat-to watch a movie that's not aired in Ipoh-to walk around. bee…

out~ out~ out~

ever since i got back from KL on last Tues midnight..
the rest of the week has been like a blur haze of passing pips..
went for Hop with 'Chelle on Wed..
worked like mad on Thurs..
had a new student on Fri and Teriyaki called me up for Vanggey at night since he's alone..
work as usual on Sat..but went for Korean BBQ for lunch with Xiao Yi(boss's eldest daughter)'s cheap but sux like hell..and at night Klev called to go out..since we're like stoning at home..bumped into Jack.. the morning..went for korean in the noon..and out with Kwonnie or Dusit and Carmenpatra after that..
today? was suppose to go to Penang with Mam and cousins..but ..not enough car slept da whole noon away and Tiki came again at night since he hasn't eaten, so we went to Vanggey again.
to go or not to go, tomorrow..

-peace out-

spic and span~
jake's got a whole new set of kitchen "wardrobe".. *0*
absolutely spiffing.. ^-^

talk about a life of expectations~..jake's got it all .
well, more like a perfectionist..
just makes me wanna do the same..

poor jake's sick though..
even though i'm down to babysit melly..
i think i've spent a lot more time with jake than her..

gotta say's been a while since we squabble. not that it's a good thing.'s just that we were all so good-natured and probably we just haven't seen each other for months..~~ feels like that to me.

good ol' jake.. X0X0

last night?.. before leaving for home, had a conference call with Jiun and Mei at the same time thru skype..
awesome..but danng..can't see faces..>.<
i've been guiding and helping Mei with her work..
i oughta major in Research. lol..
it's a good thing that i've touched the same topic as her when i was doing my Dip...
and that one of me subjs, was biz ethi…

appearances can be deceiving

what a terrific end to a terrific day.. ^^
i gotta say this..
it may not be my favourite way of solving things, but danng, it's better than liquor talking..
when u're sober.
living in a life that's so perfect and a life that's so full of shit makes a nice combo, eh?
those are what i'd make out of the things that i'd like to overcome.
to say or not to say.
to do or not to do.
but, what's done is done.
gotta accept it and let go.
and before shooting off, gotta make sure the facts are valid.
wouldn't want any backlash or backfire, would we?
appearances can truly be deceiving. as quoted in the movie I watched with Ee Von today..
sucker punch...-.-....... i liked her reaction tho, "what was that all about?" lol... goood Q.
i gots to agree.. XD

mine thoughts are mine to unleashed
as Zou's are hers to diminished
whence cometh time to distinguish
'tis time we should embrace the anguish
how cometh things strayed to balderda…

which part of STOP do you not understand?

dannnnng. u said u don't like BOO, BEBE. i dropped 'em.
well, how's this, I DON'T LIKE NOONA either.
just once. twice. three times. i told you. STOP.
i hate this. right, NO ONE is allowed to call me that, only Melly.
and you're not Melly.
logically speaking, i'm not even older than you.
so, what the heck, dude? you think i was cajoling with you all the time?
i told you i was serious the last few times.
don't make me HATE you.
small matter,eh? ever gotten bitch slapped? wanna try?
i've been long impatient with you for a while. just that i never said a thing.
dang, i've never gotten this riled up over a guy.
especially by you. =____=
i was singing praises and listing all the pros a month or so ago..
and now?... well, the cons are stacking up fast.
you can be so blind over some things and i'm always so detailed over such.
and Tine said it's a perfect match. i doubt it.
as Franco has once said, if we we…

yesterday. Friday. April's Fool. Tae's pre-b'day bash.

did i regret going?
yes. a little?
it wasn't entirely worth it. and i didn't really enjoy any of it. much. and it totally reminded of those east side town pips. tsk tsk tsk.
it was so hard to contain the animosity that i gave up all of it and convinced myself it will all be over soon.
i have never expected to do so many things right after i arrived.
wait, i did. knowing hashz way of doing things.
but what i didn't really expect is Tae's behaviour.
and Hashz got so mad the other day and punched him, but missed, and hit his ear, the earring i chose for him ..left a mark there. oouch.
gawd, and to think i was so going for it. no, you're not as good as i thought you were before..
i have no idea what to think or feel anymore. i'm in turmoil. confusion.
so why did i go? was it because of Tae?
at first, i thought it was. later, no. it was because of Hashz.
to help and to accompany.
i was flat out beat out before the party even ended.
i really really wanted to jump. or to yell o…

what happened in Seoul and after i came back..

in Seoul..

in Incheon..

after the Seoul trip..which i'm not going to talk about it at all here.
only that i've enjoyed the environment, but not with my da since he'd slept most of the trip away.
i did all the travelling on my own. language wasn't that much a big deal, since i can read and write and understand most of it.
the problem was i wasn't given much time and freedom to do what i planned. -___-||
anyways, i'm thankful that i was given the chance to visit Seoul. ^^
i'm glad that i found the things i wanted for my fartat..^^
after i came back, it was time to catch up with everyone..
went out for lunch with Carmen and Vi twice this week..
and did some catching up with Chelle and Martin and Tiki..
makes me feel real guilty that i haven't been finding 'em when i was with Hashz most of the time or Issy and gang for the past 3-6 months.. >.<''
it felt good seeing everyone again..

-peace out-