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mixiu mixiu~~

can i say that you're awesome? are..
vorrei che tu fossimia..
and why am i sayin that?..
huh.for no apparent reason. LOL. X)
considering the fact that i've been having a string of mood swings all week..
i feel more secure today, somehow.. =)
things are getting crystal clear.
i like this feeling. ^^
hung out with Rong catch up on things..
quite a lot..and piano?.. still @@
fat lou's very tired now.. sigh..
buona notte e sogni d'oro..

-sei mia-.....solo sognando..*-*

deal with it.

how is it that when i'm struck.
it's always straight to the core and it's difficult to get it out.
talk about back-stabbing.
it's not even that, i'm thinking..
if you know i wouldn't like it, why do it?
i mean, you already know i feel, and yet, u think it funny to poke around more?
have u any idea how shameful that act was?
jeez...are you so hunger for attention that you'd actually make yourself look cheap?
dang it, this is the first time that i'm leashing out my anger at you.
i'm actually wondering, when you act all innocent, are you really? or is it all just a show?
i thought i had already had it all under control.
but i can't get it off my mind the fact that what you did was too much.
considering the fact that you've got your own item already.
have some dignity..-.-
or is it that i do not understand the codes in this city.
let offfffff steaaaaaaaamm.. oooooooom oooooooooooom..ooooooooomm..
thanks, Issy for making me see things in a differ…

last day in Subang..

today felt like a day that i didn't really want to start at all..
was like lead in the bed..
didn't want to get up at all..
tag along Melly to her uni..
walked all the way to Pyramid and back twice..
first time was to check out the price of a text book for Yan..but it was out of stock..
then i went back to the library to read a few books..
had lunch with Melly and her course mates at Full House..
a rather gardenish restaurant...
then headed back to the library again..for 3 hours..
i think i completed about 4 books..
but 7 in total for a day..sighh..
i kinda liked this guy, Zaff, he reminds me of Vemal a lot.
even though they're of different race. =D
i have a theory.
i actually walk fast? way ahead than Melly and her friends.
all the time.
even just now, when i asked Tae to join in for dinner..
i walk fast too...?..
i it just me or what..yeah, it was just me..
but ..i thought it's quite slow. -_______-
Tine walks faster than me.
so does Hashz.. what're they compared to…

giddy giddy giddy~~

it's monday~~
i've never really felt this light-hearted for a lonnnnnng time..
no parents' nagging..or feeling guilty over something..
spent the morning with Tae, had brunch in Pasta Zanmai..since he was craving for good pasta..
'cept that he had unagi rice instead..i had avacado salad.
Tae took me around Pyramid..and then we took the shuttle bus back to Sunway Uni when his class was about to start at Monash..
i took the half hour i had before Melly finished her lecture wandering around the uni..
met up with her and her friends for lunch near the uni..
the fried rice i had was simply gawd-awful..
and spent the rest of the noon in the library reading No Mercy and preparing for this week's and future lesson plans.

had dinner with Tae and his friend, Chee Heong with Melly and Yan.. ^-^

funny, Melly thinks Tae is real shy.. o.O..

anyways.. it was fun..but a bit awkward fun..

i dunno how to say this, but..hmmmm.. no, not now.
still too soon to tell. ;)
'tis not the time yet.


a hapii sunday~

i started off the day in a martyr mood..
and ended up a lil' down towards the noon..
then ecstatic for the whole noon..~~
it's kinda hard not to get giddyish over a trivial matter..
made me a whole lot more cheerful after seeing him..
even after when i was home..felt better somehow..
spoke to Jacques as though nothing happened..
i guess.. now, i have to agree.
that what he said was actually right..
the fact that i didn't have to work or attend the class after teaching in the morning makes sunday a FUN day..^^
it's not everyday that i get a good day like this..
sans parents too..XD
and it's the first time i actually choose earrings for him and not a her made it all the more interesting and fun..=)
och now, 'tisn't an's more like comfy..
it's pretty much the first time too..that we're out alone sans hashz and the gang..
dum dum da dum..
but i gotta agree, his Da does own the road at night.. ;)
[i had decided to fo…