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the worse that i would ever fear would be........memories.
forgetting who i'm closed with or who i've met...
that's what i think i'll fear most..
and i don't think i'd want to lose any good memories..the good, the bad..


catching up.
turns out that i'm the gossip girl in town.
nay. just pretty much that i know a lot more 'bout what's going on with who are what lately with most pips.
it's not really going anywhere.the present that i dwell in now.
i think i ought to go for business doesn't matter if i end up in Human Resource.
gosh, i think i've found my other calling. =))
dealing with people.aside from music/teaching it, dealing with people is what i'd like to do.
hruumph. ^-^
i'm still worried.i have lost my touch in classical pieces, no, to put it correctly.
i've lost my touch or flare in driving myself to get what i'm SUPPOSE to have had.
i tell everyone i'm staying back in Ipoh to get my Diploma for piano. the first level (Recital).
however. i somehow feel that it's all an excuse? and yet half the time, it doesn't feel like it.
i find it hard to go against my parents.
i am a rebellious one.but i know when to draw the line.


i just noticed.
unconciously, my everyday of this week was spent with 맬빈 and Jiun..
since Sunday. fetched me from work to korean class. Monday. lunch and dinner with Jiun too. Tuesday. his house with Jiun. Wednesday. lunch, Gunung Lang and his house with Jiun as well. Thursday. Lunch and Karaoke session(with Jiun and his friends since it would be odd to be the only female among his friends). Friday. his house and dinner with Jiun.
whoaaaaaa... O.O..
i've never done that with anyone before.. hahahaha
Tine was wondering if there were any sparks.
wakakakakaka.. no.
not goin there.
but i did have an odd dream with him in it last night.
ah well. all i think and feel is that, he's a very good friend for anyone to have.
and he's got a COOOOOL grandma. i absolutely adore her. XDD
Kai Jun texted me this morning(outta the blue) to ask me out at night.
i met up with Kai Jun just now..and he had sooo little words. odd.
oh well, at least Hashz was with me..=))
and maybe that's the reason w…

an unforgettable night..

a day that was supposed to turn out to be a happy one........
well..i spoke too soon, i guessed..

i was pretty much spending the whole day with Melvyn and Hashini..
but more with Melvyn..since he was in a happy music buzz mood.. which meant that he followed me to work and gave the pianos there a nice massage..XD

we had planned to go to DaORe on its opening day..
so, we asked Jiun and the rest along.. they weren't too keen..(as usual)
in the end..we just decided to go ourselves..
Hashz was burnt out..
who knew that after we had given our orders, Jiun called up and said she'll be joining..
then Song called few minutes after that to say that he was coming to (cuz Jiun asked him to)..

ooooo..we had so much fun when the food arrived..
especially the barbeque part..and Melvyn was ogling at his kimchi stew when it arrived..
haha..he's a big fan of kimchi..and i had beef soup with rice..yum~~
we had 3 types of different marinated pork for barbeque..

and theeeeeeeen... before Jiun and Song arriv…

it's so hard... looking forward to Sungkai..

it was once so easy..
not it's friggin' hard to talk.
what the hell's the matter??
mia punya problemo again?
i'll take the blame.
but, what the hell, man? COLD WAR?
never pegged you as that type of person.

if you're like that, then so be it.
i'm not gonna keep on and on waiting for a bull who'll never climb that tree to cross over..


had a lovely dream last night...gahhh..didn't want to wake up..*-*
too good to be true..hahaahaa...2 kids...
best part is that the father is a hunk..ausie or brit or kiwi..<3<3<3
driving to Sungkai this Sunday..=))
going with Melvyn..
hot springs here we comeee... =DD..
ms. E thought we were an item cuz Melvyn has been fetching me to class every Sun..
and ms. E kept probing for our we met, how we know each other...etc..
i didn't say anything..but Melvyn did..
kinda surprised..hahaha..
if Ti…

december 2010 pips~~

trip to singapore with Jiun.. ;))

Day 1 - 3am: at mcD waiting for boarding..

7am in airasia plane

10am : Journey to Universal Studios - in the Clarke Quay metro station to Harbour Front

in front of the casino at the Resorts

First picture taken at the front part of Universal Studios..

outside Universal Studios..

Jiun at the sidewalk

at the Egyptian territory

with Charlie Chaplin

random street musician in Universal Studios on the way out..

Day 2 - our tour guide from Sg itself, Keith, who is Jiun's friend from Melbourne.

in an odd and cool shopping mall..

lu & keith

in a L.E.D lit christmas tree..

Day 2 NIGHT - dinner with Aunt Sophia at Clarke Quay with a lil' walk at Boat Quay..

Jiun and Lu

first pub we entered, The Crazy Elephant at Boat Quay

the awesome Ausie singer and band