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it was the first time..
an occasion that i went to, i wasn't prepared for..
never expected anything..
when it happened...too late to turn back now..
i can only wait for a back-up plan..
it was also the first time that i saw them..all five of them..
oh wow..same table..
but there was this one...oh yes, you can't ignore..
but that doesn't mean there would also be a sparkle..
um..none at all..
a little jostle here and there throughout the meal..
of course..
the heat of that staring can really make me uncomfortable even without the glasses on..
that went on until i thought. ah, it's over. when it stopped and decided to leave..
oh right, i assumed that when the meal's over..we're in, HOME..
guessed not..
since they started asking about an after party and whether we're joining or not..
we politely obliged them by accepting their invitation..
that was still not it, one of them decided to ask for contacts..
me, in particular.
since when..?
oh well..i yielded.


it's not just over but is over..its....well...tired.
too much staring made it even worse..
no wonder it got bored..
i didn't know its called wall-ing..

so much for ignoring when it's just there.
you can't ignore it since it's there..
and you stare at it all day long..even in a hurry..
you can't ignore can only avoid it...
yeah, you don't wanna bang too hard...might cause some serious injuries..

that's what i'm sayin' 'bout emotions.
wokay..Dr. Lulz.

be honest?..i doubt you'll ever be.
be direct?...yeah..of that, you will...??
be discreet?...hell're the master of it..
so what now?...let's just go with the flow..
sick of the way things run when it's too controlled...

it's now.
is over.
its gone.

do you want it to happen?
only you will know the answer.

-peace out-
pffffffffffffffft...stinkin' dead racoon in the hot tub...ewwwwww..

completely down......

sigh..... tired..
just wanna shoot my brain dead..
can't friggin' sleep properly for 2 nights..
sleeping so late and waking up so early....
can't believe i yawned in class just now..>.<''
it won't last.
it's just a wish.
after a short run..
it felt like a thousand miles..
made me thought things through..
it's as if it's clear..
it's nothing more than an illusion.
yeah, i was wrong.
i was so wrong that i fell for it again.
how stupid of me.
but then's a free fall..
and i've then realized..
it's not as it seemed..
back to reality.
it's another distraction.
and it's not worth it.
never started.
there's no need to end when there's never a beginning to start with..
would have felt better when it was all just a dream.
i made a mistake.

-peace out-
2316. a thousand miles. with a thousand reasons to lose it all. well.. gone.


just can't decide..
red or blue?
green or yellow??
i think i'll stay with blue....^-^
it's auras,by the way...
keep it that way..=))..

and yes, i want so much more than that..
and it DOES feels GOOD...
even if it's just for a few short moments..and nope, i'll never regret..
not a single thing about you.
so far, you're still the best thing that's ever happened to me..
to me, you're like Summerland..
a place with no worries, just all smiles and no sadness..
my personal happy place..
i don't even want to think past all that..
just the present....

-peace out-
will always miss you when you're not with me..

too new at this...

too overwhelming...
ice walls breaking up around me..
i dunno how to say this..
but it feels good..
too good that i'm starting to get scared..
is that a bad thing or a good thing?..

it's home to everyone..~~

it was a blissful feeling..
to have everyone back again..=)
i can't hide the fact that i'm even more ecstatic when m'nut's baack..=D
yeaaah..just wanted to squeal with joy all day..XDD

the past, the future and now, the present

time flew by so fast and everyone's changed.
life course is all over the place..
i see people getting married here and there..
seems only yesterday we were discussing our dream guys and now..voila..
i'm happy for those who have found their partners.
for those who haven't..don't worry..
the time will come..=))..

for that, don't forget those who were once friends with you before you guys parted..
i still can't believe sometimes that me and Jiun, Tine, Tan and Ee Von are still together..
as though we never left high school..even though we're not in the same location..=DD
and yes..m'nut..
hmmm...i think he'd say that..if you have the heart to keep in won't be able to forget so easily..X))
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....10 years!! gotta have an celebrate our anniversary when yar back, nut..=DDD..heheheheheheheee

holidays approaching..mind's so full of Singapore with Jiun TODAY and i TOTALLY COMPLETELY forgot to replace a class for the aunty..ouch.........
bad ba…