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if only~~

this song just express how i feel these days...
i'm really tired of being a 3rd party and not feel appreciated for things i'm ASKED to do.
especially Beanster..

When I get time to myself,
And have nothing to do,
I can't help feel the bitter sweet,
That searches through and through.
I've been lonely for too long, and selfishly I've cried,
I need to pull myself back up,
I need to turn the tide.
I want someone to hear me,
Someone to need me,
Someone to care for,
Someone to share with,
Someone to stay with,
Someone to lay with.
If only I could find somebody,
Someone who will understand,
If only I could find the one to give me what I need.
If only I could find somebody who'll give me a helping hand,
I can't let life pass me by, I'm tired of being me.
So how long will it be, till I can let go?

-by Amy Studt

-peace out-
mentally tired

feeling bored at this hour..~~

...i'm feeling really bored at this hour...almost 2am..
and i'm putting off my sleep...when there's still work tomorrow..
wanna talk to someone..but there's no one..~~
staring into space..zzzz....
i feel like an idiot now...i dunno how to negotiate for a better pay..
what's to be done??
think. think. think.
i'm kinda empty.
oh yeah, and Beanster's treating me like his sister, yippay(unenthusiastic)..
MC Chong's getting annoyed at me even tho she's not sayin it..and i think i'm gonna be in a real big trouble if i don't buck up on completing Mr. Duport soon..
i should be feeling better..but it's getting worse now..
and i am being too paranoid..
1. focus on piano
2. how to approach on getting a better pay
3. confidence in what i'm doing
4. financial planning
5. future
6. further studies
7. improvement in my Korean vocab and speed of reading the characters..
and a minor bug called Beanster. i really should ignore this bug.
plus, i've got those pape…

playing cupid~~n meself back to @@

i can't help laughing~~~
cuz i can't believe that Tiki fell for Meli (cousie sis)
and i'm playing cupid...
two almost toooo similar people...
i'm happy..
and i'm good at guessing his intentions...
ahhhhhhhh.....i gots goood timing...=)))
oh, and Meli named all 'em pasts for me..XD
1st is Jack Daniels
2nd is Kiwi Fruit
3rd is Starbucks
4th is 24hr
5th is Smart Ass
6th is Korean
7th is Consultant


as for me....
hmmm..what Nee posted in my wall's kinda as though as she's been in me head..
loose translation's that... i'm easy to make friends with, and i may have alot.. but i listen to their sorrows and heartaches and problems more than i let loose of my personal thoughts, feelings to them.. and i will only let loose that around those that i know i can trust or really call them friends..
recently..i've been acting as a "consultant or therapist" to a …

la di da~~going to Singapore with Jiun

this is AWESOME!!..
going to S'pore with Jiun by plane alone for the first time~~!!
i'm like soooooooo excited...
we started planning on the 12th of Nov...and we booked everything on the 17th...
phew~~ that's FASSST...
considering that we did all the planning in the beginning of the year....well..
it's all confirmed now..since the rest (Tan, Tine, Ee Von) aren't free or back yet...
just the two of us..
and we did all the communicating thru the net..since Jiun's still in Ausie..
a lil' complicated because of the difference in time and she's sitting for exams..
we'll be staying at the River City Inn(hostel)..
it's quite reasonable...for my parents and even more for my Aunt..
Aunt S suggested Rucksack Inn..but it's kinda too much for Jiun's mom..
so we decided take the one upstairs..River City Inn which is opened/hosted by a Chinese family..
it's like S$ 22 to S$ 30 per night/person..breakfast included..
with free wi-fi...24 hours reception..…


can i love you from afar and hate you near you at the same time?


it's more like a break.
a continuous cycle.

i see you. i hate you.
i don't see you. i love you.

wishes that will never come true.
but yearning... i will get it in the end.

you can be with anyone now.
but in the end, it has to be me.

so, it's a never ending cycle.
i hate you now.

-peace out-
whoaa...awfully dramatic but so true.

eddy's birthday~~

it's definitely been a long way..
i'm glad things have turned out okay..^-^

i had wanted to celebrate eddy's birthday with the CF when i first found out when it was..
even if it was just an excuse..but..
i'm hapi i had the chance..
i just wanted to do this for Ed, since he's never had a celebration..=)
so..i'm satisfied. i did it!..
we had fun playing taboo all night long..=)
i had fun the whole day even though i didn't want to get out of bed at all..
going from house to was quite an experience..
and yeah..i hate getting lost..
and jacques came back...
the question is..should i go with her to S'pore or should i just forget 'bout it?..
i could still go another time..sighh..
there's also the workshop in KL next month..

-peace out-
good luck,m'nut!! ^-^