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every time when i'm about to get head over heels completely over something..
it's gotta be like this..
and more RESEARCH.
then. when it's totally affirmative,
swoosh..i got it.
then....ok, i'm not into it anymore.
what's that? new gadgets.
there's always an off-switch to everything.
don't ask me how i do it, i just know.
i have had a failure so far, Bear.
not easy to change.
it's not the first time that people say that i'm mad..
but being unacceptable to that person is because i can be "madder" than he.......
i've had a lot of negativity thinking cuz of this..
besides the "mad" factor..
i got used to his ways so much, that i accommodate them..
and it's the same methods i used for others..
and i suffer from it..
i have had to constantly remind myself..not everyone is like that..somehow i find it easier to think 'bout all the negatives than the positives..
like, a reply of message…

an abrupt ending...

i've had a busy beginning for the start of the day..
who knew that the ending would be to receive a shocking news?
it is difficult to understand fate..
it can be so cruel and so right at the same time..
the thought of aunt Lana passing away so soon never occurred to any of us.
it was a surprise.
just the same for me and everyone.
came home with mom staring at me for a long time and finally decided to tell me that aunt Lana had been admitted into the hospital today having been discharged 1 and the half days ago.
she was found unconscious on her floor by her sister who lives next door, Aunt Mae said her eyes were and open and she was fading away..
at the hospital, the doc said for the next 48 hours is critical for her and all of us.
half way through dinner, aunt Irene(cousin to aunt Mae and Lana) called to say she passed at 7.30pm.
you know what's the worst?
the worst was when the first time i was there at the hospital when she first got admitted few years back, she was so scared of dying …

a very happy birthday

i was so happy for my birthday this year.
i have had 4 different celebrations with different people.
1st round was with Foong Yan at Pasta House.
2nd round was with my family at ALAII (Japanese food).
3rd round was with my Accounting friends (Carmenpatra, Vivian, Eunice, Eddy and Adrian) at Beacon Point.
4th round was with the MIX(graphic design, accounting, business and outsiders) friends (Hashini, Desmond, Hsin Yee, Chee Meng, James Tai, Jian Yao and Ivan)at Yeolde English instead of Macoy's(since it was closed).
i'm so glad to have them..^-^
Hashini baked me a brownie-cookie based cake..delicious!
Eddy gave a piggy-bank present (to tell me to save more $$).. Zzz..
Foong Yan treated me to dinner..
this is the most special and interesting 20th birthday ever..
Nut called me 15mins before me birthday even though it was nearly 3am over there and was the first to sing "hapi b'day"..of all the songs to choose..XD..the best first pressie ever.all in all..i had a smashing 20th bi…

마지막..the last .....

나드 ..슥사 해요,그리그..비근내요..
포기..? 그게,마지막 결정.. T_T

mingle mingle..let's do that~~

how do u mingle with people you do not know?
no right, no wrong..
sigh..but i'm starting to think that some people can really misread my intentions..=(
friends, amigos, amicas!..
i had initially thought that we could be friends, but i guess not..
since u're behaving like that..
petty?..i hope not..
i'm used to treating people like Vince and Jack or any other friends like you..
if you're thinking toooo that...urm..that's fine..
i don't got time for you then..

it's been a really busy week even though today's just wednesday..
i have to play personal assistant for my boss..or i think i'm actually her personal assistant since June of this year..=.=
i have to fetch her kids to school, send them back home, take them for lunch..
then i have to replace her classes at the nursery, replace her students for piano lessons..
at the same time, working as an office girl..
hmmmmmmmmm...not too bad..
except that i have to run errands for Min Zi as well..>.<…

it's gone. ~

there are times when i wished that i could read people like my mam or sis..
most of the time i end up wrong.
i'm just too easy as Hsin Yee says all the time.
too honest.
and always taking the first step which i've already given up doing that since Ed.
he's the last straw.
i couldn't eat or sleep properly for fear of dwelling back into those nightmares again in this week..
can't believe i skipped dinner last night..ugh..cuz of a dilemma of a friend. jeez.
worse day of my week: Wednesday.
the beginning wasn't so bad. but the ending was totally tiring and annoying.
Nut's busy with exams and i don't know how to talk to him anymore.
Jiun is having a countdown for her return..
Tine's going back this Saturday..and my life'll be back to normal, I HOPE..
Vince's now going after cousin Meli..
Nee's back in contact with me after 5 months of MIA. she's been in UTAR for 4 months.
Kelvin's getting real irritated with the hot weather these days..

what happened at prom 2010...

Lu and Tine

Chialle and Lu

Martine and Lu

Lu and Eddy

Tine and Lu

Lu, Dila and Hashini

i went for professional make up and hair dresser for the first time with Hashini and Dila..and i couldn't recognize myself at all. 0.O
Kristine went with me as my "date" XD..haha
when i entered, Ivan couldn't recognize me.
ok, NO ONE recognized me without my glasses except when i OPENED my mouth.
XD braces gave me away.that's soooo cool!
hahahahawe had a lot fun!!..and Tine's got really good timing skills. hahahaha..
i didn't get to sit at the same table as my course mates, but that's fine, at least i was with Hashini, Dila and Kristine. =D
well..i didn't exactly sit with them throughout the whole night.
i was sitting with Eddy for nearly most of the prom.
turns out that the his "friend" ditched him last minute and he sat alone with people which he completely didn't converse with all night long.
but in the end, it was just the two of us at the table.
and it's t…