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do i know?..i don't.

there's so many things on this earth that no one can learn or know everything on it..
it's so scary sometimes that when there's something that you don't're at a loss..that's how i feel anyways..
it's like, so afraid of being cheated or betrayed..etc..
but's the knowledge of a lot of things..
and i confess..i feel like an airhead most of the time..zzz..
talk about the most simple things like WORDS or VOCABULARY..
i have this friend who uses bizarre words and certain terms for things which i have no clue about..
and he's the only person so far that i've met that i have to GOOGLE most of the words he use MOST of the time.. about other people who aren't as lucky as him or i am..
it's good, i suppose..but dayam...with that range of knowledge..i feel small..
today, me ma told me 'bout properties.
she attended a seminar teaching ways of buying properties, how to buy, what to avoid..etc..
it's interesting..and of cour…

random dates~

woke up near noon yesterday...
was deciding 'bout whether to attend John Wong's birthday dinner..
then came Michelle's text asking whether if i wanted to have lunch with her and Chin Yong who had 4 days break from work at Genting..
so I went..
long time no see. yeah.
but same ol' same ol'..
then went home and continued practising piano..for an hour..
and decided to go on youtube and follow the recipe for making korean pancake (pa jeon)..
cooking this dish is what made me nearly an hour late for work..
oh well..since there wasn't much things to do at work anyways..
so...i took the dish to work and my boss wanted to try it..
i haven't had a taste of what i made..but she said she'll be the guinea pig first..'s the first time i let someone else try my cooking.
and have her commented that it's nice.. O.O..
me hapi. first try and it's a success!
very very very happy. ^-^
after that..i went for John's birthday and bought a cake as well..
we had a l…

marriage. outdated?

Some people say that marriage is outdated. What do you think?
how would you answer to that?

Haha, I think that marriage is simple..
Your relationship doesn't change overnight due to a ceremony, huge cake and dinner..
Its just a declaration of your love for each other to people..
As marriage requires witnesses.. its a declaration of love more than anything,I think..
So people shouldn't mind getting married if they r serious in their relationship..
By declaring your love publicly, u are actually making yourself and your spouse accountable to uphold your vows etc..
Oh well, that's a badly summed up of my thoughts on marriage
But I don't think its outdated.. its a phase of life..

Marriage where got outdate or update geh?
You love each other, you want to be together with the only one for your life then marry lo..
ask something like that
this question you should ask someone u love..

Sue Ee said:
Marriage is full of happiness..
haha..this is wh…

how do you say ABC when you're a month old? XD

if there's a reset button for life..i'd very much like it..
there's so many things missed in my life..and i don't wanna miss it..
but then again..if i DID that..i probably would have both regret and not regret it..
well..i'm not a super human being..
can't do EVERYTHING at once..
but when I see things that kids do it when they're at their age..makes me think..
what'd i do at that age?
you can't compare a genius to a normal average being..
but i admire and yeah, envy these people who have the ability to be able to capture the moments..
where i can't..
at least....not yet.
a kid to perform a task that an adult perform is considered simply amazing..
honestly..when u're 3, and you can play a 4-page composition by Beethoven is AMAZING!!..
the "perfect pitch" ability doesn't makes you a music genius.
but to be able to make it more creative and attracting..that is a genius.
i'd like to be able to identify notes by just listening…


gee..for the first time this year..
i was sick..
sick on wednesday night, right after hanging out with Hsin Yee, Foong Yan and Hashini..
had a really high fever right after i got home.
guess i had it coming..pffffft..
oh well..
didn't wanna worry anyone..
so i took some meds and tried to sweat and not keep shivering in 3 layers of clothing and 2 layers of blankets..
thank gawd the fever went down at dawn..
but me throat's still sore..
oh well..
at least i managed well enough not to have to see the doc...phew..
oh yeah..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jacques!!
too bad i can't come down to celebrate with you..sigh..
oh well..have a blast!
and me, gotta sleep healthy, eat healthy. T_T
don't like being sick. who does? = =||
piano practice not going well.
korean reading practice not going well.
have to buck up. a-ja, a-ja!

-peace out-

good day.. ^-^

i never thought i would have a good day.
like today. ^-^
morning was my first piano lesson after preparing the Duport Variations for a week.
mC. Chong was surprised and pleased that i managed to cover 7 short pieces. =)
after that, it's WORK for 1 hour. it was FUN. hehe..
cuz me good student was very GOOD today.
then went for movie (Grown Ups) with Kelvin Khoo again. haha..
yeah..the regular movie date.
a really de-stressing treat!
after the movie, it's Korean Lesson.
surprisingly, it's only me.
the other two students didn't turn up.
so, i had a private lesson. ^-^
i'm glad, because i managed to read after 2 lessons!! ^-^
it's only my 3rd lesson, and i can finally READ KOREAN WORDS!! whoooopppeeeee..
as in not one or two or three..but a lot! ok..all?
oh yeah..there's a Dominos pizza in Ipoh now!!
today's the first day they opened. and my family went. they said it was GOOD and the price is very reasonable.
i didn't go because i had to audition for choir for…

..p-pp-pprom ??

convocation on the 24th of September.
prom on the 9th of October.
wedding's on the 20th of December.

a lil' of this and a lil' of that..

ok. how weird is this?
i woke up and i could still remember this dream.
turns out that our parents made marriage proposals for us.
and we actually had a marriage certificate with our signatures on it.
and i had no idea how we signed it.
best part is, when i asked my parents, papou said that both parties agreed on it.
imagine in reality that papou doesn't really like your papi.
aww..c'mon man..this is the 2nd time that i dreamt about marriage with you, nut. = =
this is just a dream.

KL on the first day was just awesome.
reached KL Central in just 2 hours!!..
and went straight to MidValley to shop. haha!
and as usual.. i didn't buy anything (more like, i couldn't get anything i really liked, >.<)
after that, went to Hartamas to shop at those little Korean supermarket. ^-^
last stop was the curve/ikano. dinner and shopping was there. and still i couldn't get anything. (blast it!)
night time, went hunting for DvDs.
and guess what, i completely forgot Lily Chua's…

mam's birthday and a fun afternoon.

mam's burfday came and went. which i just remembered.
i did not call me aunt and wish her. = =||
anyways..the day before her birthday,
me sis and bro and I decided to treat her and papi to dinner at Josephine.
which he kept complaining 'bout the price and place till the food arrived.
haha. that certainly shut him up.
so i guess it's the first time that i bring my family to a restaurant where everyone enjoyed their food. ^-^
feels good.
then on her actual birthday, me mam decided to get cheesecakes from Secret Recipe..
it's all different cheesecakes.. ^-^


lu, jans, nettie, carmenpatra and vivi

lu and jans

it's like a farewell to Jans for me..instead of a sing-k session with Carmenpatra and Vivi..
we had lunch together before going to, Jan and Nettie..
i had a lot of fun with Janice and Nettie this few months..
k-box/e-box, bon odari festival, movies, lunches, shopping( 1 hour, HAHA!)..
Jans' like a real gentle lady..

music! MUSIK! musica!! 2

Image's been ages since i blog 'bout music.
this time.
i found another italian singer.

Valerio Scanu. ( i had no idea he'd look like this) = =

he's a ballad singer.
it's called Per Tutte Le Volte Che.
the song's quite so-so.
but i like the melody. ^-^

then, Bruno Mars.
the song's that's being played in my music player.
it's not really the latest hit. but i like this song a lot.
at the moment.
it's called Just The Way You Are.
nice lyrics.

sigh, and i've decided..i'm going to prom. zzz.

-peace out-
did you lose a pound,nut? XD

similarity ..^-^ alex chu and peter ho

Alex Chu and Peter Ho何润东

..i just realized..
found another hunk who reminds me of Alex Chu (singer/songwriter/actor/model/chef)
of the korean entertainment..
It's Peter Ho from the taiwanese entertainment. ^-^
both with almost similar background.
they both grew up in Canada.
one worked as a kitchen boy and the other a waiter during their stay.
and became models.
haha..yeah..with awesome abs as well..*o*
how i came across this actor/singer/director/model Peter Ho is from this drama called Summer's Desire or 泡沫之夏 written by 明晓溪.
it's a coincidence, really, that i read one of her works back in high school and i did hear about this story, except that the storyline somehow didn't attract me.
so, after 4 years, the story is filmed.
oh yeah, Peter insisted on filming this story, after several rejections from the author herself.
She was afraid that her story will not be as g…

~~playful kiss..time for CHASINGTON

misChieViouS kiSs!! 장난스런 !!
iTazUrA na KisS!!
iT sTarteD wiTh a kIsS!!

oooo...this is just AWESOME!
TWO cute dramas in a year.. ok not enough..
but HITS!..
personal taste was OK.
but hopefully MisChievIOus KisS is more than OK.
after watching the japanese and taiwanese version, plus the anime!
i'm hoping for an even BETTER performance for the korean version!!
it's not about the's 'bout the lines and acting..^-^
but the taiwanese made me crack and teared up a lot..
i LOOOVE the taiwanese version more than the japanese..
and YES, iM a die-hard fan of ITAZURA NA KISS!!
so..i hope it's not a disappointment! =)

(mischievious kiss soundtrack) by G.NA키스해줄래

( i don't own this video. credits to

went out with vince and li last night.
just like old old old times?..
not much. talk about future?..not much..
wait, what'd we even talk about?
sex life and adultry.

.....piano lessons start on next monday. T_T
and this sunday is Maman's birthday..
..jacques c…