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should i, should i not?
just a phone call away to make this decision..
go for it?
or to hell with it?
i don't want to regret.
(inner voice says: if you don't want to regret, then just DO it.)
i've been so restless this whole month..
nothing decided in a rational way.
i guess i'll just have to go through with it and not give more excuses and lying to myself.

i've even had random cravings for particular foods..
went out just to buy the ingredients in a storm to make the particular dish.
at least it wasn't a failure. =)
this made me maid think i must be pregnant. XD haha!
just random.
it's not the first time. but, i just wanna eat something that i've seen from tv or website.
it's a good thing there've the ingredients here.
i made dduk, a korean rice cake. a simple one which doesn't require a lot of work in the process.
found a video which teaches you how to make the dduk, and yeah, i followed the lady in the video or i think i'd have r…

decisions, decisions.

why's making decisions so difficult when it comes to piano?
it's all on me.
should I, should I not?
what's the difference?
oh yeah, pros and cons were listed down for me.
and yet, i'm still dawdling..T_T..
maybe i'm just not cut out for piano after all..
i don't follow rules.
i don't read.
i'm lifeless.
what else?...
it's all negative.
and yet they say, i could do it.
i have the talent.
i DON'T feel it.
i just DON'T.
or is it WON'T?
what do i WANT?
the question has been circling around for a long time.
i'm at loss.
and really really lost.
i feel so hopeless and helpless. decision: just go FOR it.
won't hurt.
just DO it.
the deadline's been set.
even if i don't make the phone call on 31st of August.
the last call is 6th of September.
90% not.

-peace out-

need more laughter lately..

so..i've decided to entertain meself by watching hilarious romance comedies
like the Thai movie called Hormones, and English movie called Leap Year..

ปิดเทอมใหญ่ หัวใจว้าวุ่น : Pit Thoem Yai Hua Chai Wawun

it's more like the teen Thai version of Love,Actually (British movie)..
a circle of friends who went for a rollercoaster ride of love, friendship during their school break..the story's funny and really really entertaining..

Leap Year
oooooooo...this movie..i really really love it..
cuz of the most hilarious lines the face expressions! haha!
talk about louis vuitton being called louis.
everywhere she goes, she's concerned 'bout her bag, which made the guy think that the bag's real. like a pet. so he called it louis. it's always the same line, "don't worry, i'll get louis." or "put him in the wash, then it'll be grand."
oh yeah..this movie? it's about a woman who decides to propose to her man on Feb 29.
she found out that…

searching..searching..found it!

i think i have this habit for searching for things..= =||
i think i have to admit this tho..i'm a slob..
i meant searching for files the lappie or net..or hardisk..
can't remember where i put this file..or that file...of various categories..
but in reality?...i do feel like a slob still..zzz..
not good..
mam have to exercise your memory on stuff that'll keep your mind working..
instead of being a useless vegetable when you're old..
more like getting Alzheimer's disease..
high percentage of losing your memories if you can't even remember the tiniest thing..
so..i've been categorizing some of the files into folders lately..
hopefully that's a start? XD..
start playing sudoku again. =P
numbers are the more important ones..=D

vince asked to go out late at night with jack..
it's just like the 4 of us, minus Lily, this time..
oh well..even if we did ask her...she wouldn't come out anyways..

old friends. ^-^

sunday again.
i went to watch City Under Siege with Dusit today..
after so many incomplete replies and uncertainty..
we finally went for a movie. XD..
it's good to see him again..haha..
minus the shopping.
he's still the same..
i can't even remember when was the last time we went out..
and we bumped into a lot of people.
well, not people that i know, people that he knows.
i only bumped into Henna Tan in Padini..!!
that's like AGES since i last saw her..o.O
as usual..first we talk 'bout is mC cHong..haha..
and piano..
and studies which she still has 2 more years to go..
and to see her too..
the best classical pianist i've ever met so far..=D...
everyone's moving on so fast..
well...i'm still here..
i see people coming and going..but i'm always here..
when they leave or come back..

-peace out-

small reunion?

it's been a while since we got together for lunch..
me, Lily (who finally decided to come back = =||), Carmenpatra and Jonan (who had a week of break).. was more or less a get-together than a farewell for Jian Bear(take care!) who leaves for Switzerland today..=)
it was fun..
haha..and well..since Joan's said so much but this and that..
it's kinda funny.
cuz their characters were pretty similar.
Jonan's really a good jazz pianist..
he doesn't know it..but he kinda inspires me when he plays.
to get back the feeling of wanting to improve myself is really really good..^-^
but, Vince... *get better ASAP!* =)
cheer up. ^-^
i had fun web-caming with Nut..haha!
it's soooo odd, the first time we ever web-cammed after 2 years u're there...XD

-peace out-

*blink blink*

i've just realized something..
no matter how many times i'm down..=(
or when i'm very hapi and nuts...XD
i've always come back to u..
it's like from the beginning?
and even then.
no matter how busy or tired you are,
you're always there for me..
it's just like old times..
like you've never left..
the things that i tell you and no one else..
funny..not even to my own sister..
but you've never told me much about yourself..
it's as though as you're absorbing everything in.'ve gotta let out some, you know?
you can't keep everything in too much..
you'll go crazy..
it's not like you don't know me or anything..
honestly, i think u even know me better than i know myself..
i'm kinda worried about you sometimes..most times when u always say u're fine..
but i hope u're really really OK when u say you are.. = =||
be hapi..^-^
that's what i want for u..=)
love you always.

-peace out-

pen pal ^-^

i'm ecstatic..
after 2 weeks? i got a reply from this pen pal kid from Jeju Island, South Korea yesterday.. he's pretty good in English for a Korean..
Wonnie..hahaanother Won..
oh well..this is good practice for me to use Korean later..
for's english..
anyways, i'll be going to my first korean class tomorrow..
excited! =D
august is nearing to september..
and it's nearing the end of another year..
what achievement would i have made?
it's a question.
i want to achieve a lot.
but can i do it?
that's what everyone's been asking me.
you haven't done it yet, have you?
just TRY.and you'll know.
you're still young, so there's a lot of time to try new things.
i'm going back for piano lessons.
trying to get back to my old days which i've now completely lost my touch.
just have to try.

-peace out-



im too lazy to blog about the past few weeks...
so here it is...went to penang...with John Wong, Jian Yao, Hashini, Hsin Yee and Desmond..
Foong Yan and Ivan didn't turn the six of us...3 guys and 3 gals...
then went to a piano-clarinet recital by Eugene Pook and Jeremy Samolesky..
and went to Rong's for the korean book...snooooooooooooze...

in penang......


the piano-clarinet recital: Jeremy Samolesky(pianist), Eugene Pook( clarinet)

me and rong...

im frickin ignorant...
can't deny that..
but then not perfect..
i wanna be multilingual...
if that's what my ignorance mean..
nah..'course not.
more like world politics and shares and sports ignorance.
pfffffft.ok.cut that out.
me da says..we goin to seoul next year which resulted in me learning korean for real.instead of those few words and senten…


there's a lot of times that i wished things were different..
a lot less stress..
a lot less awkwardness..
a lot less insufferable know-it-all...
y'know..being too confident sometimes makes the situation darn uncomfortable on my side............don't assume too much..
frickin' annoying.
here i was thinking that, hey, it's not so bad after all...
things are better than last time..
but = =||'s like "arlo, wake up, im still the same oaf u liked"
not anymore.
at least feelings died..since january..?? idea..
im the "mei rong-zone" where guys don't exist..=D
lovesick calf gone... im doing what Dewy's gonna do..earn $$ before saying love..
i'm waiting for the day when i get to fly..
soar high up into the sky and fly....
-peace out-